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What's new in Odoo v14 Community Edition(Part 1)

Odoo 14 Features in Community Edition
October 2, 2020 by
What's new in Odoo v14 Community Edition(Part 1)

Finally, Odoo v14 is released!

We all are excited to see what Odoo brings in this new release. Odoo is a very popular ERP application for small and medium scale companies. Odoo ERP brought a lot of FREE applications and features for Community users.

Let’s Explore!!!

Website: Added an extra layer of security by adding reCaptcha for Website. This is indeed a very small feature but really helpful for Odoo web developer and end user to secure website from unwanted spam comments, form submissions and fishing activities.

Customer / Vendor: GST Treatment option is now added in customer / vendor contact form so that customer can be categorized by its status in terms of GST classification to add GST number in invoice and account department can make necessary arrangements for GST inclusions in customer and vendor bill easily.


You can see below a very minor visible option but an important feature to see partner with Priority, Meetings, Purchase/Sale and Invoicing to date information with Associated Contacts in horizontal view. You can see now Company / Organization name in first column and rest are its associated contacts. It has made end user life easy with quick search of respective contacts and partner activity in terms of meetings and invoices.


Customer / Vendor Review: A long-awaited feature to rate and analyze our customers and vendors is now available in Odoo v14 CE. A well thought designed information capture sheet to rate a partner on various criteria of projects, resources, bill-ability for projects with forecast inputs. Its currently more on IT or Service company oriented features however one can update it as per their partner evaluation information analysis. Also, it is connected with Google Spreadsheet so you can track all spreadsheets on dedicated view.


Integration: There are many organisations, who are using Microsoft Office Online since long and then added Odoo ERP for some of the operations. With Outlook calendar integration option, those organisations can quickly manage their calendars and contacts integration now. Google Drive integration was available however now we can also get benefit of and Spreadsheet sync too.



CRM: A new feature to add a recurring revenue model to leads. Really good feature for some of the service based organisations to track immediate and future recurring revenue plan. A lease company or monthly billing type of service companies can now forecast their future revenue stream and can know current and future revenue plan.


Sales: Pricelist management in Odoo is very old feature. With v14, now one can check product based price list setting from product view only. A smooth user friendly feature to quickly check current and future price applicable to individual product. A One-Click Price list view can be generated from below menu.



Sales: Do you wish to make your sales executives and sales managers life easy? If your answer is yes, here is a compact informatics made available in Odoo v14 in Quotation / Sales Order list view with Next activity planning, delivery date, expected date for closure, and untax and tax amount fields.

Sales / Inventory: A trading OR a manufacturing company can only understand the pain in managing different product plan and manage delivery time for each customer with each order. Per Product / Item wise lead time to schedule delivery. Odoo v14 come up as a solution to manage production plan with different delivery date schedule per item. Now, warehouse people can track and manage per order / per item deliver plan schedule.



Manufacturing: Manufacturing Order Simplified view to know Schedule Date and Deadline with important filters like material availability, and company wise separation. A priority star will add an extra value to a specific order process, Artificial Intelligence at its best.



Odoo v14 manufacturing has added a smart feature to schedule production planning priorities. Now Production Manager can reserve OR unreserved raw materials with Lock Quantity to reserve and unreserved feature.



Manufacturing: Genuinely, One of the best feature to manage partial production order and create a manufacturing back order is now made available in Odoov14. This is indeed a needed feature for food / food based production company where incoming fresh raw materials can plan a daily production cycle to fulfill an order.


Project Management: Project list view has been enhanced to see important information about sales order items, visibility, and sub tasks status.



Odoov14 Project Management has another great feature to schedule recurrence type tasks with user configured interval and days. It is a great addition to service companies who has recurring type tasks for maintenance, analysis and review purposes.


Purchase Management: Nice addition of All / My RFQ quick information view to analyze action plan on RFQ's and PO's. With this semi Purchase Dashboard, one can view deadline orders, activity / action to take and status.



What's new in Odoo v14 Community Edition(Part 2)