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How to differentiate Project and Product based Odoo ERP Implementation Services

Choose wisely among Project and Product based ERP Implementation
November 11, 2022 by
How to differentiate Project and Product based Odoo ERP Implementation Services

odoo erp implementation based on project and product

ERP Implementation is not an easy task. It's a new approach to digitalization that involves the transformation of an Organization's Information System, business processes and deep introspection of a company's needs, shortcomings and opportunities. It is challenging to keep track of every basics and manage to use it in today’s fast-growing era, most small and medium-sized businesses face challenges in different business areas, Because these are all so important, so the successful implementation of an Odoo ERP is a major task.

Business Firms need an implementation strategy encompassing both pre-implementation and implementation stages. Implementation of Odoo ERP System is a complex exercise, involving many process alterations and several legacy issues. Here, We will explain differences between Project Based Odoo ERP Implementation versus Product Based Odoo ERP Implementation formulated as a part of ERP implementation strategy, before embarking on actual implementation.

What is a Project Based ERP System?

A project-based ERP system is an integrated information management system that manages the capture and flow of information across departments and functions to manage and integrate a business organization’s financials, supply chain management, operations and HR activities. Project based ERP is specifically designed to meet the needs of a project-based business, helping them to recognize, win, optimize and deliver outstanding projects from time to time.

Project-based Odoo ERP Implementation can be a transformative investment for a project-based business. Of course, as with any purchase of an ERP system, analysis and testing are critical for finding the right software solutions. For a business that commits to sound selection and implementation of a project-based Odoo ERP solution, however, the resulting gains in productiveness and cooperation are well worth the effort.

What is a Product Based ERP System?

No matter how adaptable an ERP system you have put in place, a generic ERP implementation will never meet all of your business’s requirements. Hence, Product Based Odoo ERP Implementation is specially designed and developed based on your company’s set of needs including the company’s requirements, boundaries, and preferences. It is built considering all features of the company’s operations, flows, strategies and management. Hence, it provides an accurate and effective solution for the organization's problems. Another noticeable point of a product based ERP system is that it is uniquely developed for the organization's workflow needs so there is no other organization that can own the exact same system as you.

Product Based Odoo ERP Implementation is an investment opportunity for the organizations for SMEs to optimize the workflow and boost growth. Product Based Odoo ERP Implementation offers access to real-time data across the organization – corporate offices, manufacturing plants, warehouses, distribution centers,delivery points, on the fleet, etc. It also provides live monitoring/tracking & reporting of the entire data-sets, on-the-go or off-the-field at a centralized center with summarized data of multiple geolocalizations and activities.


Difference Between Product Based ERP Services and Project Based ERP Services

  • In Project based Odoo implementation, Need to gather business requirements, analyze with odoo and suggest suitable way to solve process for the project, and other side In Product based Odoo Implementation, Need to Categorize product implementation like Sales, Purchase, Accounting, Website, eCommerce, CRM, POS, Localization.

  • Project Based Odoo ERP implementing with Standard Odoo Modules/ Out of Box Implementation, and Other side Product Based Odoo ERP implementing with Portfolio of our custom solutions.

  • In Project Based ERP, the major stages of implementation phases are Initiation planning, analyzing, execution, monitoring and control closure. and Other side In Product based ERP Implementation We gather requirements and consider the base solutions to reduce customisation.

  • Project based implementation helps to implement projects with less customization, and other side Product based implementation is a combination of custom solutions + standard modules of Odoo.

  • Another key point to keep in mind is that Project Based Implementation is almost always update-safe. When an ERP system is updated, custom user and system preferences set at the time of ERP integration are designed to stay intact, as you probably know from most standard updates to the software you use as a company.where as Product based are more challenging to deal with in the context of an update. Depending on the level of customization, it might become impossible to update an ERP system. And in some cases where an update is possible,but some customizations may be lost with new upgraded features.

  • Project based Odoo ERP Implementation offers long-term security  and one-time investment, another side product based implementation is a short term process. and requires changes overtime with limited uses.

  • Project based ERP Implementation includes a micro view, only concerned with the delivery of what has been established, is on time, and is within budget and with decent quality. and other side Product based ERP Implementation Requires a macro view, which must consider the combined result of a custom project portfolio, which should provide medium to long term benefits.


Both Project based ERP Services and Product based ERP Services serve distinct business purposes. As a business firm, it is imperative for you to understand which ERP suits your business needs better. If you’re operating in any Small and Medium Enterprise Industry, an Odoo ERP Implementation can be a good fit to your business. Product Based ERP Implementation is a complicated process, but choosing the right company will maximize transparency and efficiency, then you surely need an ERP system to drive your business.

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