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Integrate your OpenERP with Google docs

November 6, 2012 by
Integrate your OpenERP with Google docs

OpenERP has now developed a module that helps you integrate your OpenERP with google docs. There hasn't been anything similar developed until now, so everything has been done from scratch. This module is available for the 7.0 in trunk, under the name: google_docs.

How will this new module help you? Well, you will be able to create google docs directly from OpenERP objects and link it to that object. Of course, it can be just a normal text document, spreadsheets, presentations or drawings. You have the possibility to choose if you want to create a document from draft or based on a template to copy. How can you start using it?

  • Start by installing the module called google_docs. 
  • Make sure you fill in your google ID in the field google account in Users  
  • Then, you can try it by going, for example, in the CRM and open one lead. You will be able to see that under the attachment button on the topbar there is one more choice: Google Doc. If you click on it, it will create the google doc and next time you (or you colleagues) will click it will directly take you to that google doc.
  • Optionally, you can now go to settings/google docs configuration/models configuration click to create one record, choose the OpenERP model (eg. for leads - crm.lead) and copy/paste the ID of a google doc to copy. That allows you to create other kind of google docs (like spreadsheets, presentations, etc.)

We hope that this will help you to further integrate even more your tools with OpenERP! Courtesy : OpenERP