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Odoo : Migrate your Launchpad repository to GIT

July 21, 2014 by
Odoo : Migrate your Launchpad repository to GIT

Odoo Lovers, You might have worked on Launchpad(using bazaar) a lot for your projects, but Odoo has decided to host all the code repo to a better VCS called GIT. This is a post compiled from the community emails and to put all collected information on one webpage. With the help of following steps, you should be able to migrate your bzr repo to git. Take care of the GIT transition guidelines. --------

A. Check the of  


1) Install bzr-fastimport

$ sudo apt-get install bzr-fastimport

2) Move into your bazzar branch local directory

3) Initialice your local branch directory with git

$ git init

4) Run the next command to migrate your bzr to git

$ bzr fast-export --git-branch=master . | git fast-import

5) Check your logs on git

$ git log

6) Push your new git branch to github or other

$ git push https://...


D. Using Scripting Way 1

E. Using Scripting Way 2

F. OpenERP Official Way  

G. The Akretion Solution.  

H.Script from OCA Maintainers  

Thanks to everyone who has been actively contributing to these ways! Odoo Community Rocks!