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Product Expiry Feature in Odoo

Stay Ahead of Expirations: Track Product Expiry Feature in Odoo
October 23, 2013 by
Product Expiry Feature in Odoo

Odoo provides a feature through the “Products Expiration Date” module to track the product by its expiration dates and with the lot and Serial Number of the product.

Here we are talking about tracking different dates on products and production lots.

We need to enable “Lots & Serial Numbers” and “Expiration Dates”  from Main Inventory > Settings Menu.


After Enabling the Feature from Inventory Settings we can see the Lots and Expiration dates Option in Product Master Form.

In Product Form under the inventory information, we can enable the Product “Tracking” Option.

There are three options to Track the Product.

  • By Unique Serial Number
  • By Lots
  • No Tracking

If we set/configure Product “Tracking”  by "By Unique Serial Number"  or ‘By Lots’  then we can see the “Expiration Date” option enabled.
Once we enable the “Expiration Date” checkbox, we can see the dates options to configure the  Expiration Days and based on that system will automatically calculate the Expiration dates.

Odoo Provide Four Types of Expiration Days Configuration to Calculate the Expiration dates.

  • Expiration Date
  • Best Before Date
  • Removal Date
  • Alert Date


Expiration Date:

The number of days after the receipt of the products (from the vendor or in stock after production) after which the goods may become dangerous and must not be consumed. The date is getting computed on basis of the Serial/Lot Number.

Best Before Date:

Number of days before the Expiration Date after which the goods start deteriorating, without being dangerous yet. This date is getting computed on basis of the Serial/Lot Number.

Removal Date:

This date is getting computed on basis of the Serial/Lot Number.

This date indicates that whichever Goods exceed the removal date should be removed from the stock.

Alert Date:

This date is also getting computed on the Lot/Serial Number and it is used to give alerts before the Expiration Date.
Let's see the Real calculation with the Purchase order and Incoming Shipment.
We created a Purchase order with the Product “Good Dates” to buy 10 KG.