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Odoo Support by team SerpentCS to help you stay open during COVID-19

Our series of live free Webinar to make most of your business during Covid_19 Pandemic
April 6, 2020 by
Odoo Support by team SerpentCS to help you stay open during COVID-19


To help businesses during these challenging times, Our series of live free webinar to make most of your business during Covid_19 Pandemic

Fears of a contagion of the novel coronavirus, almost all software companies informed their employees to work from home till Mid-April 2020, to combat the fast-spreading COVID-19. SerpentCS is not exempt and effected it immediately to serve Odoo Community and Clients during this crisis.


Considering the below factors we have planned to avail our support service during business days for all Odoo Users:

  • Odoo is being used by many clients around the world and considering the current situation, highly infected countries (USA, Italy, Germany, Belgium) support teams may not be able to serve continuously. 
  • Majority of users are cloud-based and it is easy to provide remote help to make sure clients can run smooth operations.
  • Considering global pandemic it may slow down business operations up to certain levels but there are many more things to deal with implemented ERP. This is the high time where Odoo users can figure out more functionality they need, new reporting structure and also new marketing strategies to be implied.
  • This is the best time for many business owners who were planning to implement ERP for their business. They will get plenty of time to understand ERP operation and evaluate ROI from the same. Trading, manufacturing, marketing, oil & gas, field service and rental industry owners can contact us for a detailed consultation.

Finally, we are here to serve you anytime during business hours. That's our gratitude towards Odoo, our clients and all possible new clients. Consider that we are available for you!


Let's talk about the best possible business engagement models:

Existing Odoo users can explore our support packs, subscribe and start getting support within a couple of hours.

Odoo Partner and Odoo implementation companies can utilize their employee’s ‘work from home’ time offering knowledge upgrades via online training offerings by SerpentCS.

Hire a dedicated team or developer to look after ongoing/planned implementation, check dedicated developers commercials over here.

Focus on future plans by implementing ERP for your business. You might be new to Odoo ERP or may have evaluated Odoo in the past, inviting you to connect with our business consultant to discuss. Please fill up the contact form, we will get in touch with you within 24 business hours.

You can also contact us via webchat, just go to and start discussing with our executives.

All in all, SerpentCS is open for all who are in need of Odoo support by any means. Feel free to contact us anytime. Together we can do many wonderful things, support national guidelines during such pandemics and keep on working :)