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Odoo Tips of Month August 2021 - SerpentCS Odoo Gold Partner

Know what happened around Odoo in August 2021
September 23, 2021 by
Odoo Tips of Month August 2021 - SerpentCS Odoo Gold Partner

Being an expert on ODOO For 12+ years, we have been releasing some useful tips and news around Odoo every month. Here we go for August 2021. Please note down the ODOO tips coming out of the Social  Media around ODOO especially Twitter and Facebook, Linkedin. Let's thank them.


TIL that in #Odoo you can use the function get_metadata() to get the create date, write date, xmlid and if a record is updatable or not. See ).

SerpentCS provides a visa management system with the following features New Inquiry Management Software, CRM #Software, Maintain Communication notes & logs for particular Customer, Marketing, Invoicing visit us on:-… #business #OpenSource #odoo #odoo14 (Source:- ).

It is a big changes introduced for v15 in commit:… So it is the end of the declaration of assets in XML as previously ;) Now it is manifest + model ir.asset (Source:- ).

We're proud to say we've been nominated for @Odoo Best Partner 2021 in India….We are #Odoo professional service provider,Development,Integration,Migration,Training. Contact us Schedule a free meeting #OpenSource #erp #Python(Source:- ).

The #Odoo Experience 2021 agenda is online! See…for all the talks! #OdooExperience (Source: ).

#Odoo R&D peek: Odoo Discuss now supports group chats, chat names, external invites, better emoji set, etc… (Source:- ).

Servisa dashboard module provided by Serpentcs with following features include in it :- Inquiry,Coaching Application,Visa Application,Application for University,Application for Visa,Charts.… #odoo14 #OpenSource #ERP #visa #visamanagement #Software #business (Source:- ).

Felt good to write this one. Was probably 3 years ago that my #odoo team experimented with having a test suite standalone for the sake of performance and better dev workflow. This weekend I got it on paper, fleshed it out, and made a concrete example.(source:- ).

Download free user guide freight,gym,odoo as inbox, odoo whatsapp,visa,ringcentral…#Opensource @Odoo #ERP #CRM #business #business #voip #usa#uk #Europe #odoo14 #odoo(Source:- ).

#Odoo R&D peek: New info popup in the Point of Sale gives you financial and inventory insights on selected products.  (Source:- ).

ODOO WHATSAPP INTEGRATION Available in Odoo 14 -… #whatsapp #Odoo #odoo14 #whatsappintegration #whatsappconnector @Serpent_CS(Source:- ).

*** OCA Days 2021 - Online*** We need your help! Do you have video post production skills? The #OCA is looking for help with the amazing presentations that will take place over the #OCADays2021. RFQ here:… RFQ deadline - 27th August. #ocarfq #ocadays  (Source:- ).

GYM Management Software is designed to manage all aspects of your fitness business like customer management, trainer management, and schedules. check here :-… #Gym #GymERP #GymMangement #GymManagementSoftware #Membership #TrainerManagement @Serpent_CS (Source:- ).

Odoo net or gross weight: find out with this new OCA module from @legalsylvain… 

(Source:- ).

Any #odoo devs been making hooks in Owl? I never used React much, and yes Owl is a bit of a React clone, but I'll take this any day over the old Odoo JS, Backbone-esque setup. Also I can finally test frontend code standalone. Or put it in a fiddle: (Source:- ).

Odoo+RingCentral Integration is a complete suite of functionalities that can help those organizations which are offering Business Process Services. For more details visit us on -… @RingCentralUK @RingCentral @Odoo #USA #UnitedStates #business #odoo14 (Source:- ).

Odoo net or gross weight: find out with this new OCA module from @legalsylvain… 

(Source:- ).

#Odoo R&D peek: Drill down to the records explaining data in your spreadsheets.(Source:- ).


This year’s #OdooExperience agenda is now live! Take a look at the 200+ inspiring sessions and interactive workshops we have planned for this year’s online event and begin creating your favorites list now: (Source:- ).

Tip: #Odoo 14 is getting support for Wordline payment terminals in the POS (enterprise)! See

(Source:- ).

Have you had your say? Last chance to contribute to the OCA communications strategy. Please take a few minutes today to share your thoughts and ideas - we want to hear from you!! #oca #odoocommunityassociation 

(Source:- ).

It seems we discovered an #odoo bug while reviewing my module account_invoice_import_simple_pdf… The bug happens with you install the module via the command line, but not when you install it via the web interface! (Source:- ).

#Odoo 15 is further pushing IAP and data mining in V15. Data will be auto pushed to @Odoo their main server & the module is auto-installed. This is a very gray area we're venturing in on how to capture data.. See  (Source:- ).

SQLalchemy's first release was in 2006. Fabien built the Odoo ORM before that. He explained in an OXP AMA years ago that he didn't find a good open-source solution at the time and built his own. Join his next AMAs live on Oct 6 & 7:… (Source:- ).

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