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Odoo Tips of Month December 2022 - SerpentCS Odoo Gold Partner

Know what happened around Odoo in December 2022
January 23, 2023 by
Odoo Tips of Month December 2022 - SerpentCS Odoo Gold Partner

Being an expert on ODOO For 12+ years, we have been releasing some useful tips and news around Odoo every month. Here we go for November  2022. Please note down the ODOO tips coming out of the Social  Media around ODOO especially Twitter and Facebook, Linkedin. Let's thank them.

  • Probably my last PR of the year, but probably an interesting one! Now, we can edit Spreadsheets on Odoo CE with @OdooCommunity amazing work I hope you like it


Still a lot of work to do, but I am very proud of this first implementation 

(Source:- https://twitter.com/kiketobella/status/1608964620185927680 )

  • I migrated account_partner_required to #odoo v16


(Source:- https://twitter.com/alexisdlattre/status/1608202358671933440 )


  • The #Odoo Note and Project App might get merged together.


(Source:- https://twitter.com/mukitgmbh/status/1608965950199705600 )


  • If you use the DEB/DES modules for #odoo v14, you were certainly annoyed by the fact that, when you download the XML file, the browser wants to save it as SVG. A fix has been made a few days ago in v16, but no backport to v14 so far "for security reasons"


(Source:- https://twitter.com/alexisdlattre/status/1607320363037245440 )


Accepting Terms & Conditions - now available in our eCommerce App!

Also, show them in 

- Email templates

- Quotation templates

- the footer of all documents


(Source:- https://twitter.com/Odoo/status/1598119931983306753 )


  • FYI: there is a major and important refactor proposed by Tecnativa in the popular OCA account_payment_order module:


(Source:- https://twitter.com/rvalyi/status/1607417810648535041 )



(Source:- https://twitter.com/cetmix_team/status/1605183953962684417 )


(Source:- https://twitter.com/stefan_opener/status/1603017051416707073 )


  • OdooLocust 1.6.1 have been published. Comes with a new generic CRM test and some doc on How to run a headless test.


(Source:- https://twitter.com/nseinlet/status/1598271226291847168 )


  • If you can't upgrade to #Odoo 16 yet. This plugin opens PDF reports in a new tab (instead of downloading them).


(Source:- https://twitter.com/ray_odoo/status/1603457881113624576 )


(Source:- https://twitter.com/PedroMBaeza/status/1603431864357748737 )


  • #TIL: From 2.70~ minutes to just 1.7~ second. How a simple change can bring much difference? "Tractability Report" is much faster now with this patch with a simple change.

See https://github.com/odoo/odoo/pull/107677… for more details.

(Source:- https://twitter.com/sswapnesh/status/1602756158225518592 )


  • #Odoo16 gets a new module 'Third Party and Deferred/Electronic Checks Management'


(Source:- https://twitter.com/sswapnesh/status/1598972165474332672 )

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(Source:- https://twitter.com/Serpent_CS/status/1608802300285583363 )

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