Odoo Tips of Month January 2022 - SerpentCS Odoo Gold Partner

Know what happened around Odoo in January 2022
March 2, 2022 by
Odoo Tips of Month January 2022 - SerpentCS Odoo Gold Partner

Being an expert on ODOO For 12+ years, we have been releasing some useful tips and news around Odoo every month. Here we go for January 2022. Please note down the ODOO tips coming out of the Social  Media around ODOO especially Twitter and Facebook, Linkedin. Let's thank them.

Tip: in #Odoo 16 the BackBone.js will be removed from the Point of Sale and will be replaced by OWL 2.0. A lot of info at https://github.com/odoo/odoo/pull/82461 

(source:- https://twitter.com/Yenthe666/status/1486261985041858564 )

 Here is an example of a Lament You could find as a Lost Comment. #Odoo 15.1 #SneakPeek

(Source:- https://twitter.com/LNAodoo/status/1487022649872105472 )

Odoo web client UI related addons

(Source:- https://twitter.com/gh_trending_js/status/1487275365412347908 )

Odoo CE to support partner credit limits out of the box in v16 https://github.com/odoo/odoo/pull/83205…

(meanwhile https://github.com/OCA/credit-control… )

(Source:- https://twitter.com/rvalyi/status/1485654598601826307 )

The long awaited #Odoo OAuth integration for Gmail has arrived!

Merged in V13 at https://github.com/odoo/odoo/pull/83303… (v14/v15 will follow soon!).

Also added for V12 by the way! See (https://github.com/odoo/odoo/pull/64242)

(Source:- https://twitter.com/Yenthe666/status/1486241116533972993 )

 What features can I leverage to preboard, onboard (and offboard) an Employee in Odoo? #Odoo -

(Source:- https://twitter.com/ray_odoo/status/1487553470211112963 )

#odoo #technical - Small PR but good discussion of #RPC #SQL and #caching - https://github.com/odoo/odoo/pull/78068… thank you @odony

(Source:- https://twitter.com/jaynvora/status/1486942623315410944 )

Odoo will introduce the fiscal position (VAT rule) based on delivery address on top of invoicing address. This features was awaited :)

(Source:- https://twitter.com/Frederic_C2C/status/1483801511931039744 )

#odoo technical tip: Just remove an unnecessary base64 encode-decode and get 25% faster code execution. moral : Every line of code matters.

(Source:- https://twitter.com/jaynvora/status/1483400302254772230 )

What is the best way to support factoring (selling) of Customer Invoices? #Odoo -

(Source:- https://twitter.com/ray_odoo/status/1484672073469345794 )

TIL that #Odoo and booleans in settings do not seem to be the best buddies. See ( https://github.com/odoo/odoo/issues/83210 )

(Source:- https://twitter.com/Yenthe666/status/1484578331571982354 )

Another very interesting #Odoo PR for V16 is https://github.com/odoo/odoo/pull/80961… where the whole import logic will be re-written to do a bulk insert instead of line per line. Speed gains look promising!

(Source:- https://twitter.com/Yenthe666/status/1483729677143670789 )

#odoo is planning to add several types of indexes (GIN trigram, btree not null) to the existing btree one on the next version.

With GIN trigram, you'll be able to do performant fuzzy searches on texts. A door to Full Text Search features?

(Source:- https://twitter.com/PedroMBaeza/status/1483699733193449472 )

Deactivate your portal account in #Odoo already a few months in the making. Interesting move for self servicing, even if it is not yet the GDPR deletion automation magic. TIL: PO do not follow Github PRs...@bouvyd why?

(Source:- https://twitter.com/wtaferner/status/1482026612317204482 )

At Odoo, we understand creating a website from scratch can be difficult, that is why in Odoo 15 we’ve developed an Artificial Intelligence engine that designs your website automatically!

Try it today 100% FREE (Hosting Included) https://odoo.com/app/website

(Source:- https://twitter.com/Odoo/status/1484510077121925123 )

 A complete & step-by-step guide to getting your #Freight Software working checkout this Blog : https://bit.ly/3udKsyg for more details  contact us on: contact@serpentcs.com @Odoo #OpenSource #ERP #CRM

(Source:- https://twitter.com/Serpent_CS/status/1488040434005778436 )

Freight Management lets you manage all aspects of your #freight operations, both ocean, and land. It is a complete management system for managing all aspects of your freight operations. user guide - https://bit.ly/3AHLCUe Buy Now:- https://bit.ly/3u7r5XV #Odooapps #Odoo14 @Odoo

(Source:- https://twitter.com/Serpent_CS/status/1486934672106225667 )

Zoom integration with @Odoo offers a convenient way to schedule and run meetings. The integration uses Odoo's calendar to schedule events and meetings.   https://apps.odoo.com/apps/modules/14.0/zoom_odoo_connector/… #zoom #integration #odooapps #zoomintegration #odoo14 #meeting #EVENT  #OpenSource

(Source:- https://twitter.com/Serpent_CS/status/1486570948572504070 )

An Email Interface Built-in @ODOO Version 11  to V14

The Email Interface Works for Gmail Accounts.

Offers Convenient Gmail Access to ODOO Users.

Built to Offer Entire Mailing Features of Gmail Inside ODOO Platform. Buy Now:- https://bit.ly/3KChu0Z #OpenSource #ERP #CRM

(Source:- https://twitter.com/Serpent_CS/status/1485518415628742659 )

Web Hijri (Islamic) Date Picker allows users to convert English date to Hijri (Islamic) date and Hijri (Islamic) date to English date.https://apps.odoo.com/apps/modules/15.0/web_hijri_date/… #Odooapps #WebHijriCalendar #Odoo15 #HijriCalendar #Hijri(Islamic)Date #Datepicker #OpenSource @Odoo #Dubai #uae #Sudan

(Source:- https://twitter.com/Serpent_CS/status/1484395958633132033 )

 Web Auto Refresh and Reload by SerpentCS Now Available in @odoo 15 Click here to know more:- https://apps.odoo.com/apps/modules/15.0/web_auto_reload/… #odoo15 #odoo14 #OpenSource #erp  #serpentcs

(Source:- https://twitter.com/Serpent_CS/status/1479032059137904640 )

Multi-Branch by #SerpentCS Now Available in @odoo #v15 Download Now:- https://lnkd.in/eJAg9VhB For more details contact us on contact@serpentcs.com #multibranch #multi #odoo #v15 #odooapps #odoomodule #modules #businesssoftware #businesstips #OpenSource

(Source:- https://twitter.com/Serpent_CS/status/1479372244786634753 )

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