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Advance OpenERP/ODOO HR & DMS Training for Consultant and HR Managers

July 21, 2014 by
Advance OpenERP/ODOO HR & DMS Training for Consultant and HR Managers

Human Resource Management or HRM training aids the learners in developing a highly developed understanding of the management of the activities of Human Resources using the tools of OpenERP/ODOO. However, the extent of this training is pretty meticulous and covers insightful discussions on installation, deployment and customization of the OpenERP/ODOO, HRM, configurations of salary structure, recruitment procedure etc.

DMS section of OpenERP/ODOO is dealing in the ERP installations with the document management. The Information management now has become an important factor in any organization’s development. Professional document management gives a crucial way for the companies for organizing their information as well as DMS configurations of OpenERP/ODOO aid in competent document management.

The cardinal goal of the DMS system considers reference and access, easier archiving, smart distribution and categorization of the data and the documents they contain. It is important to combine the accurate information as efficiently as probable and the OpenERP/ODOO DMS helps in attaining this objective pretty efficiently.

At Serpents, we offer improved HR and DMS Training of OpenERP/ODOO to the students across the globe. Founded on our functional and technical expertise in the OpenERP/ODOO, to meet the specific needs of the clients for the customization in the ERP and offering expertise oriented training of OpenERP/ODOO is one among our best organizational goals. We influence our extensive field knowledge and skill to assist our learners and clients and to attain quick time to worth.

Our entire attention is always to deliver excellent training to the students. One among the fundamental causes behind our unbelievable development as the OpenERP/ODOO is the abiding commitment we provide to excellent education towards the clients. We highlight on enhancing business procedures of the organization by giving training to our students with advanced OpenERP proficiency that can improve profitability and output. Our highly reasonable training in the OpenERP/ODOO is normally dedicated to the IT professionals, the integrators of OpenERP/ODOO who desire to create a proficiency in the DMS configurations as well as HR Management via OpenERP/ODOO.

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