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Odoo Training Schedule - June - July - Aug 2019

Learn Technical and Functional of Odoo by Depth!
June 12, 2019 by
Odoo Training Schedule - June - July - Aug 2019

Dear Aspirant,

You are reading this text as you have the desire and passion to learn and adopt the best practicies and boost your own performance up!

Odoo Training

The continuous training and practice of latest tricks in Odoo is very much necessary in the fast going and fast growing world of Odoo, which was earlier just an ERP, but has now become a complete suit of various business apps, with a flavour of POS, website and eCommerce.

At the end of every month in ODOO community, there have been various security patches identified, various bugs being identieid and reviewed, closed. Various new contributions, various paid modules land to Odoo Appstore. This could be your turn to be the part of the huge community by being more active if already active, be active if not already.

Serpent Consulting Services Pvt. Ltd. is always learning and always training! Yes, you read it right! We learn, observe and adapt! We have the following schedule for Odoo Functional, Technical and Consultant Training, POS technical and functional for the next 3 months.



Sr. Training June July Aug
1 Odoo Functional Training – Basic – 5 Days  3-7


2 Odoo Technical Training – Basic – 5 Days  10 -14  8-12  12-16
3 Odoo Functional Training – Advance – 10 Days  3-14  1-12  5-16
4 Odoo Technical Training – Advance – 10 Days  17-28  15-26 19-30
5 Odoo Consultant Training – 10 Days    1-12  5-16
6 Odoo Point of Sale – Technical and Functional – 4 Days  17-20  15-18  5-8
7 Odoo Server Administration – 5 Days  17-21  22-26  19-23

Location : Serpent Consulting Services Pvt. Ltd., India Branch.

What's in there for me?

We know well how important it is for you to spend time from your busy schedule. You will learn an astonishing amount of knowldge and get to know more than 30 verticals around odoo readily made by SerpentCS since their inception with a huge experience of SerpentCS in the field of Odoo.

Basic Training

These are usually 5 Days training, where the concepts are expained at a proficiency level and you become proficient in the Odoo functional and Technical grounds. As Odoo is a big framework, the 5 days will cover less practice time.

Advance Training

These are usually 10 Days training, where the focus is on core concepts with detailed practices to help you become an expert within the period, good enough to lead the development smartly and it makes you more enthusastic to know the framework even in more depth.

Consultant Training

You choose this training as you want to sell odoo, sell products based on odoo, sell implementations, or you are a consultant who is implementing / going to implement Odoo by your own at your organisation. This training is meant to train you at the bigger picture of odoo, not only technical and fucntional. You here learn a bit of requirement gathering, what to promise to customers and what not, how to manage techno functional aspects of the implementation.

Administration Training

Here you will learn setting up Odoo, configuring Odoo instance, manage the security controls, monitor logs, managing the database operations and some handful Linux commands.

For your registration, personal schedules, plan for the remote or onsite trainings, questions; please write to us on


Happy ODOOing,

Serpent Consulting Services Pvt. Ltd.