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SerpentCS and Sudanese guests in the news!

February 5, 2013 by
SerpentCS and Sudanese guests in the news!

  Hello Everyone, अतिथि देवो भवः | SerpentCS is having a principle to treat guests as GOD and we strictly follow this tradition which is a part of Indian Culture! On Jan 25,2013 we had the Eid-e-milaad and co-incidentally we had our trainees who came from Sudan for OpenERP Technical and functional Trainings in India. We decided to celebrate this holy day and make our guests feel like home. By the grace of GOD, one of the very well known journalists in Gandhinagar, Mr. Kashyap Nimavat visited us and asked what was this plan all about! We revealed our plan and he was overjoyed to have the coverage for the guests and arranged an interview kinda session with them. He came and asked a few questions to guests and they enjoyed too. On the 28th of Jan 2013, the well compiled and well-written article was published and here it says everything! The article is in Gujarati and says that the guests have come here for Training and they are fond of Gujarati culture, food, shops, herbal medicines and what not! All courtesy to Serpent Consulting Services, they said!
  SerpentCS  celebrates Eid with OpenERP Trainees SerpentCS and Sudanese guests in the news 
We thank you the team of Gandhinagar Samachar for giving us the opportunity to spread the news about the love of culture to Sudanses guests! Thanks.