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6 Ways Odoo 12 Website Builder Will Be a Game-Changer for Your Business

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January 7, 2019 by
6 Ways Odoo 12 Website Builder Will Be a Game-Changer for Your Business

As was expected, the latest Odoo version 12 has made all the right industry-noise with its new and defining features. It’s more powerful than ever, packing marvel in abundance— right from enhanced inventory and expenses modules to refined invoicing, tracking and, of course, the highly-anticipated document management module.

Its enterprise website module, in specific, is no more a solution; with rich features and advanced infrastructure, it’s now a business-cum-life-saver. If you haven’t already tried it yet, here are 6 ways how Odoo 12 website builder will be a game-changer for your business:

1. Personalization like never before

Don’t rely on your web designer and developer for every little change on your website. It’s not good economics. And besides, you don’t really have to now! Don’t like that widget in the sidebar? Want to add products and payment option right on your homepage? Want to change how the navigation looks?

Odoo 12 makes things super easy with its intuitive drag-drop studio where you can virtually create a new website in a matter of 10-minutes. No coding skill required. You don’t need to be a tech-geek. It provides seamless options to customize your website with different themes, layouts and app integrations. So, enjoy personalization like never before.

2.Website management made easier

Managing a website is a whole different mess. And the bigger the website is, the more complicated it gets. From optimizing it regularly to fixing the technical glitches to posting new contents—it all requires time, energy and enough patience to deal with the average interface of any regular CMS.

But with Odoo website builder and Odoo CMS, it is as easy as it gets. You get a simpler, attractive and much intuitive interface that’s away from the technical complexities—more user-friendly with flexible options. In addition, compatible with your phone, irrespective of the kind of website you have, you can manage it easily on your phone on-the-go.

3. The multi-web functionality

Sometimes your ideas and goals require more than just one website; maybe you’re starting a new company or extending the existing one with a newer branch. The makers of Odoo understand this need well and beyond. Hence, the multi-site module.

Run multiple websites easily with one Odoo database. Enjoy seamless flow of data between them. Plug different features and facilities on each without losing yourself in the complexities. With Odoo 12, creating and managing multiple websites are easier than ever even for a newbie.

4. Scaling to the next level

Don’t be one of those businesses that never grow. Match your website growth with your ideas, plans, and dreams. Scale it to the next level—quickly and easily. With its flexible personalization option and Odoo’s hundreds of open-source applications, you can enable your website to achieve great things.

Integrate it with more apps, enhance its features, keep the website in sync with the progressive growth of your business, as well as the changing demands of your target audience. Odoo website builder, Odoo Website designed uniquely to empower business owners, always ensure your website is scaling with time.

5. Sky-high lead generation

Don’t be one of those marketers who struggle with high-traffic, poor conversion. Stay ahead in the game. Every time. Always. Odoo 12 website builder arms you with more than enough tools and features to make lead generation simpler.

Enable popups and sliders on the website. Position the opt-in forms in the right place to drive the maximum result. Leverage live chat, quizzes and floaters to advance your lead generation efforts and enjoy sky-high conversion.

6 .Informed decision-making with powerful analytics

Website analytics doesn’t have to be too confusing to even understand the numbers. Achieve higher business growth easily with informed decision-making. Robust, intensive and user-friendly—Odoo Link Tracker, built in the CMS, is one of the industry-best, promising to take your marketing campaigns to newer heights.

So, no more shooting in the dark. Gather insightful data, analyze ROI and make quick, informed and efficient decisions. Every change and campaigns on your website must now have empirical relevance.


This is a next-level website building and management. And, really, no less was expected from Odoo version 12. So, bank on the power of its website builder to leverage powerful features and advanced backend infrastructure. After all, your business idea isn’t mediocre—then why should your website builder and Odoo CMS be that?