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Fully-Integrated,Developed and Customizable Odoo Whatsapp add-on

Odoo Whatsapp Integration V14
March 9, 2020 by
Fully-Integrated,Developed and Customizable Odoo Whatsapp add-on

We all know, how used to social media has become for all of us in our day-to-day lives. Mobility is something we have adapted for easy access to information.  Everybody would love it if they are updated about their daily jobs simply by a text message or through one click. Odoo, an Open- Source ERP, can be integrated with numerous 3rd party solutions for the easier functioning of businesses. We, at SerpentCS, thought of integrating Odoo, with the most popular messaging platform Whatsapp so that it makes communication and notification management quicker and efficient.

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Odoo Whatsapp Connector to manage communication and notification between your Customers, Suppliers, and Employees on various interactions with the Odoo processes like sales, purchase, payments, invoicing, delivery and shipments, Payslips, leaves, and expenses, etc. 

This list of modules comes with the full Whatsapp integration and ready-to-use process notification templates that will keep your customers, suppliers, and employees updated with the help of using a Chat-API. Once the subscription is bought for the Chat-Api a token number and an instance number will be provided, which is required to be filled out in the Company settings under configuration. 



After adding all the details, click on ‘Get QR Code’ will generate a code that will enable you to link your Whatsapp and Odoo by logging in through a cellphone. Using the WhatsApp.web of the WhatsApp account of the number that is added in the Company information.


You can create a contact and authenticate the number by clicking on the ‘check WhatsApp number’.

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Let us now see one by one how Odoo Whatsapp Connector works for Odoo.


Account Whatsapp Integration facilitates sending messages of the status of Invoice and Payment registration to customers.

Once the invoice for a particular customer is validated, the person will receive a Whatsapp Message telling them the status of the same. Similar is for when the customer registers the required payment.


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HR Whatsapp Integration provides a feature to notify the Leave Request and Approved of leave to the Employee by the means of Whatsapp. The HR Manager can also send the Employee Payslip document as a media file on the Whatsapp account of Employees, which is convenient right? 

Whenever employees are created in Odoo, their contact details are added; with the number being a Whatsapp Number and other accurate details related to the address, etc.

The Manager of the department to which an Employee belongs will receive a Whatsapp Message once a Leave Request is made.

So the Manager will Approve using the Leave Management module in Odoo. After that is done, the employee will receive an approval message.


The employee gets the payslip in the pdf form with a message having details about the month for which the Salary slip is sent.

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The Sale Whatsapp Integration module provides a feature to send the message of order details with a link to download and View receipt. The customer can acquire the details of his order and the receipt of his transaction via a message sent by the user using the Sales Module in Odoo.

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Stock Odoo Whatsapp Integration application helps you to provide a feature to send delivery status.

This module enables sending messages to the customer of the status of the delivery of the Products products they have bought and confirmation texts of the delivery.



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These are some of the functionalities that we have developed for the Odoo Whatsapp Connector Module which makes communication between clients and other concerned people, effortless and swifter.
If you have any queries or questions in regards to our module or for any customizations in the same, please feel free to drop an email at . Odoo Whatsapp Integration