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Have a Glance at the Best Open Source Property Management System

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December 13, 2016 by
Have a Glance at the Best Open Source Property Management System

What comes to your mind when you first hear about Property Management? Administering residential, commercial, and real estate properties OR managing properties like apartments, condominium units, detached houses, and shopping centers that are usually owned by another party or entity, right? Some of you even see property management as managing personal property, equipment, tooling, and physical capital assets that are acquired and used to build, repair, and even maintain end item deliverables.

Well, you are right in all the above-suggested cases. But do you really think that property management is an easy task? You will get a clear picture after understanding some of the further details.

Property management usually involves the processes, systems as well as manpower needed to manage the life cycle of all acquired property. It includes acquisition, accountability, control, responsibility, utilization, maintenance, and disposition of the property.

As a result, many of the software development companies after understanding the complexity involved in property management have designed and developed the best open-source property management system.


Let us have a quick glance at the best opensource property management system designed and developed by the leading IT companies:


Propertyware is an online Property Management Software that handles each and every facet of property management and operations. It keeps you organized while handling thousands of globally situated clients. Right from accounting to marketing and from maintenance to inspections, everything is handled under just one system. Being a simple and easy-to-use powerful web-based property management solution, it helps in satiating the unique needs of the small-medium business.

Genkan: If you are looking for a short-term property management system then nothing could beat the Genkan system. Genkan is a complete cloud-based solution for holiday rental, short-term, and vacation property management. The Genkan system incorporates all the major prerequisites and tools like email and SMS Marketing, trust accounting, Inventory management, survey, inspections, payment gateways- everything in just one real-time software. Besides that, Genkan supports multi-lingual and multi-currency features.

Odoo Property Management System:

Finally, the best one on the list is Odoo Property Management that lets you manage your real estate portfolio. It includes major details like the property valuation, maintenance, insurance, utilities as well as rent management with the reminders for each KPI. Another major advantage of Odoo's property management system is it has easy use Content management system that helps in displaying the available property on the website accompanied by the image gallery as well as other details to make it easily reachable to the end-users, namely real estate buyers, and property agents.

Generally, the real estate managers opt to embrace the most flexible software that not only applies for the residential but also for the commercial property. Thus, keeping this fact in mind, it is best to go with the Odoo Property Management System that not only lets you manage the comprehensive real estate portfolio, but also offers a well-defined content management system that displays property details on the site.

Not only these, but Odoo Property Management System is also open to adding Sales, CRM, Accounting, Mass Mailing, Document Management modules, which are available out of the box in Odoo. So a property dealer/builder or construction company can manage everything under one umbrella. Apart from this, Odoo Property Management System is open to integrating with any third-party application.

As a result, for better convenience, it is advisable to choose real estate property management software that allows managing the data in a well-defined manner just like Odoo Property Management System.

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