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Features and Benefits of a Retail POS for Your Store

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March 4, 2019 by
Features and Benefits of a Retail POS for Your Store

                                                                                                   Retail POS Software

Purchasing retail point-of-sale systems may seem like a hassle and unnecessary expense, but when a retailer looks closer to its business, he/she will find clear gains.

A retail POS system is absolutely an advancement over the cash register and the old ways of selling.

Before understanding what features it should contain, let’s have a look at what is the retail point of sale system?


A retail POS system is the hardware and software which is used to record the financial transactions of a retail store. With full-featured POS systems, one can handle inventory tracking, analytics, and sales monitoring and reporting,

Other crucial functions include full-fledged customer data management, mobile connectivity, and employee management. This retail store software revolves around its main purpose of processing sales.

POS software can have many features depending on the requirements of the end user. But in order to be a valuable investment, retail POS software should possess the following common features.


  • Inventory Tracking – When an owner has storage facilities or multiple branches then a POS system can provide information about whether enough stock is there in a store or other branches or not. It can also give an indication if more stocks are needed.
  • Reporting and Analytics - With the help of this feature, one can capture and analyze very important data on product sales as well as ROI. An owner can find out which product requires more marketing efforts or better sales strategies.
  • Customer and Employee Management- pos systems for retail stores record and maintain consumer’s full purchase history which can be accessible at any time. It will give information about who are the most valuable customers. Efficient employee management can also be done through retail POS systems.
  • Mobile Access – POS system must contain a mobility feature. Cloud platforms will allow accessing sales data anytime from any location with the use of web-connected mobile devices.
  • Integration Capability- The small business retail pos systems must be able to integrate with other software and hardware components. So one can manage other tasks and processes from within the system.


  • Sales History – with a POS system, one can easily manage the sales history which makes inventory management easy.

  • Sales in Real-Time – A POS system can help in managing the reports in real-time. With the help of POS systems, one can access the back-office server remotely and can get an idea of what is going on in the store.

  • Saving Time and MoneyRetail POS systems are faster than a manual cash register. Through it, one can make use of add-on devices to make things quicker and sales faster.

  • Easy Sales Tax and Accounting – With integrated modules of accounting including general ledger, accounts payable and receivable one can easily perform sales tax calculation.

Get a smart solution for your retail store

There are several advantages that can result from adopting a custom POS software and can be summed up in three parts: efficiency, accuracy, and consistency.

These are all significant in running retail or selling business. Retail point of sale systems is a powerful tool to grow business, no matter how small or local it is.

To derive these advantages, you need the technical acumen of a dependable expert like SerpentCS. You can leverage our deep industry exposure to avail of a bespoke POS system to enhance your revenues.

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