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SerVisa- A One-Stop Solution To Your Entire Visa Processing Needs!

Visa Management for Agents
April 27, 2017 by
SerVisa- A One-Stop Solution To Your Entire Visa Processing Needs!

SerVisa management for agents typically refers to the process of assisting individuals or businesses in obtaining visas for foreign travel. Visa agents help clients navigate the complex visa application process, ensuring that they have all the necessary documentation and meet the eligibility requirements for their desired travel destination.

Some of the services that visa agents may offer include:

  • Visa Application Assistance: Visa agents can help clients fill out visa application forms accurately and thoroughly, ensuring that all necessary information is provided.

  • Document Collection and Verification: Visa agents can help clients collect and verify the required documents such as passports, photographs, and other supporting documents as are necessary for visa applications.

  • Travel Itinerary Planning: Visa agents can also assist clients with travel planning, including arranging flights, accommodations, and other necessary travel arrangements.

  • Visa Interview Preparation: An interview may be required for certain types of visas, such as work or student visas. Visa agents can help clients prepare for the interview, including providing tips and advice on how to answer questions.

  • Visa Follow-Up: Visa agents can follow up with visa processing centres on behalf of clients and provide regular updates on the status of the visa application.

Overall, Visa Management for agents is a valuable service for individuals or businesses that need assistance in navigating the complex visa application process.


Benefits of Visa Management Software:

 Legal Entry: A visa provides legal permission for an individual to enter a foreign country, allowing them to travel and stay in the country for a specified period.

 Business Opportunities: A visa can open up opportunities for business travel and collaboration with companies and individuals in other countries.

 Education and Training: A visa can enable individuals to pursue education and training opportunities in other countries, expanding their knowledge and skills.

 Tourism: A visa can facilitate travel for tourism purposes, allowing individuals to explore new cultures, sights, and experiences.

 Employment Opportunities: A visa can enable individuals to work in other countries, providing opportunities to gain valuable work experience and earn a living.

 Family Reunification: A visa can allow families to reunite, providing the opportunity for loved ones to live and work together in the same country.

In summary, obtaining a visa can provide a range of benefits that can expand opportunities for travel, education, work, and personal growth.

To understand the SerVisa Management System 

Watch our demo video

There can be several challenges that individuals may face when applying for a visa.

  • Meeting the eligibility criteria: Each country has its own set of eligibility criteria for visa applications, which can be difficult to meet for some individuals. This could include factors such as the purpose of the visit, the duration of the stay, financial requirements, and background checks.

  • Providing accurate and complete documentation: The visa application process typically requires individuals to submit various documents, such as passports, identity proofs, and financial statements. Failing to provide accurate or complete documentation can result in delays or rejection of the visa application.

  • Language barriers: Visa applications are often in the official language of the country where the application is being made, which can pose a challenge for individuals who do not speak the language fluently. This can lead to errors in the application or misunderstandings during the interview process.

  • Interview process: Some countries require an in-person interview as part of the visa application process. This can be a challenging experience, especially for individuals who are not comfortable speaking in front of others or are not confident in their language skills.

  • Political and diplomatic factors: In some cases, political tensions or diplomatic issues between countries can result in more rigorous visa application processes or even a suspension of visa services. This can pose a challenge for individuals seeking to travel to these countries.

It is important for individuals to be aware of these potential challenges and to plan accordingly when applying for a visa. Seeking assistance from a visa consultant or immigration lawyer can also help navigate the application process.


Proposed Solution for Visa Process

There are several steps that individuals can take to increase their chances of obtaining a visa:

 Research visa requirements: Before applying for a visa, it is important to research the requirements and regulations of the country being visited. This includes understanding the purpose of the visit, the type of visa required, and any documentation or financial requirements.

 Prepare accurate and complete documentation: Ensure that all required documents are accurate and complete before submitting the visa application. This includes a passport, travel itinerary, financial statements, and any supporting documentation.

 Seek assistance from a visa consultant or immigration lawyer: Professional assistance can be beneficial in navigating the visa application process. Visa consultants and immigration lawyers can guide visa requirements and can assist in preparing and submitting the visa application.

 Attend the visa interview prepared: If an in-person visa interview is required, it is important to attend the interview prepared. This includes being knowledgeable about the purpose of the visit, having all required documentation readily available, and being able to communicate effectively.

 Be honest and transparent: It is important, to be honest, and transparent throughout the visa application process. Any discrepancies or inaccuracies in the application or during the interview can lead to the rejection of the visa application.

Ultimately, obtaining a visa can be a complex and challenging process, but by being well-prepared and seeking professional assistance when needed, individuals can increase their chances of a successful outcome.


The Visa Management Agents handle immigration/coaching Applications.


SerVisa Lead Manager: Users can create Leads for coaching or visa applications.

SerVisa Application Manager: Users can convert Leads into Application And further the Process of visa.


  • Applicants want to process a visa.
  • The coaching Application converts into the Immigration Application.
  • The application is set according to the selection of Immigration Purposes.
  • Applications will create a University record which has a student visa Application.
  • Application for Visa will create when the applicant will get an offer letter from the university.


Create Lead for Application:



1. Install the module Servisa - visa for agent from odoo_apps. As shown below.


We can create and access application records with status through a dynamic dashboard. Visual representation of the SerVisa records like lead, coaching application, immigration application, and application for University. Visuals can help users quickly understand complex data and identify trends.

Create Lead > Coaching > Application


Lead Type Application:

Select Application in the Application type and Click on Generate Application button.

Then Edit and Select Immigration Purpose ID Then There are Four stages appearing in Top of the Right side and Click on University Button.

Select University and add University name, status

  1. Create Payment: Users can create Payment Receipts for the applicant.
  2. Create Invoice: The user can create an Invoice of application fees for the applicant.

  1. In Progress: Users can select in progress so the application moves to the in-application stage.
  2. Offer Letter: The user can select an offer letter so the application moves to the visa stage and uploads a visa copy.
  3. Rejected: Users can select Rejected so the application moves to the rejected stage.


Create Lead for Coaching:


Process Flow:

  1. There are three stages of the coaching application.
  2. Apply for Coaching: When converting a lead into a coaching application it will come in Apply for the coaching stage.
  3. Register Student: After confirmation, it will move to the 'Register Student' stage.
  4. Application: The applicant wants to process a visa It will move to the 'Application stage' and Immigration Application will be created.
  5. Create Payment: Users can create Payment Receipts for the applicant.
  6. Create Invoice: The user can create an Invoice of application fees for the applicant.
  7. Once the Coaching Application converts into the Immigration Application, the Application button will be visible on top.
  8. The Application button will redirect to the Immigration Application.