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Motovolt Mobility Pvt Ltd:

A Leader in Smart E-mobility Solutions
Found In: 2019
Industry: Manufacture of motor vehicles, trailers and others
Location: Gajuwaka Visakhapatnam
Product: E-Bicycles & Scooters

About Company:

Motovolt isn't just building electric vehicles, they're building a movement. Their focus on smart e-mobility solutions goes beyond sleek designs and cutting-edge tech. They're on a mission to create a positive impact, fostering sustainable transportation that benefits communities for the long haul. This forward-thinking approach is exactly what's driving the smart e-mobility revolution, and we are proud to be a part of their great mission.

Challenges Faced by Motovolt :

Even leading innovators like Motovolt can struggle with legacy systems. Their reliance on manual data entry in spreadsheets created data silos and inefficiencies. This made tracking leads, managing support requests, and gaining valuable customer insights difficult – all crucial aspects in today's competitive e-mobility landscape. An ERP system can bridge these gaps, streamlining operations and providing the data-driven insights Motovolt needs to stay ahead of the curve.

The Solution :

To address the challenges of managing customer leads and support requests, Motovolt implemented a robust Customer Relationship Management solution and a Support Ticketing system using Odoo, a popular open-source business management software. This provided them with functionalities including managing all customer leads and support issues in a single system with different user access controls.

  • Automated Lead Generation:

Odoo automatically captures leads from incoming emails, streamlining the lead capture process and ensuring no potential customer goes unnoticed.

  • Centralized Customer Data Management:

All customer information, including leads and support tickets, is stored in a centralized database, facilitating easy access and eliminating data redundancy.

  • Streamlined Support Ticketing:

Odoo's ticketing system allows Motovolt to efficiently manage customer support requests. Customers can submit tickets online, and customer service representatives can track the progress of each request until resolution

  • Granular User Access Control:

Odoo allows Motovolt to configure different user access levels based on roles and geographical location. This ensures that only authorized personnel have access to sensitive customer data.

Results that we delivered to the client:

Leveraging Odoo's capabilities, Motovolt streamlined its customer interaction management. They can now manage all customer leads and support tickets within a single system. This system offers granular user access controls based on geography, ensuring data security and compliance. Additionally, Odoo automates lead and support ticket creation based on configured email workflows. This eliminates manual data entry and streamlines the process.

By implementing Odoo, Motovolt achieved significant improvements in 

  • Increased Lead Capture: Automatic lead generation from emails ensures no potential customer is missed.
  • Improved Data Accuracy: Centralized data management minimizes errors and simplifies data retrieval.
  • Enhanced Customer Support: Streamlined ticketing system facilitates faster resolution times and improved customer satisfaction.
  • Enhanced User Management: Granular access control ensures data security and compliance. 

Testimonial : 

"We're thrilled with the results achieved for Motovolt using Odoo! SerpentCS's implementation streamlined its lead capture, centralized customer data, and improved its support ticketing system. Motovolt now enjoys a smoother customer interaction experience."


Motovolt's successful implementation of Odoo demonstrates the power of a robust CRM system in optimizing customer interactions. By automating lead capture, centralizing data, and streamlining support ticketing, Motovolt has improved its efficiency, enhanced customer experience, and empowered its team to focus on what matters most - delivering cutting-edge electric mobility solutions.