Human Engineering - Supply Labour

Business Vertical: Service Sector
Odoo Version: V10CE

About Client

The client company is selling their labour on rent while they are hiring labour from another subcontractor for their projects. The client is managing Double time, Overtime and Normal time for calculating salary for labours. Client is keeping track of all employee's timesheet, they also have their own vehicle so they are also keeping track of their vehicle servicing.

They have basically 3 branches so they have a high volume of fluctuation that they have to continuously shift their Employee from one company to another company so according to their current company and country of company we have to generate employee salary.


SerpentCS has developed below features for human Engineering;

  • Multi-company and multi-currency environment for all financial transaction.

  • Linked up between project with budget and have also done a project without budget with all financial and progress history.

  • Centralized expense for individual and all projects.

  • Employee joining and shifting history.

  • Employee salary structure as per Singapore and Malaysian standard.

  • Fleet Management with last fuel and services details along with Odometer. 


  • Before the Implementation, they were using excel to keep all this track but now they are using Odoo ERP system which has increased their working efficiency by 4x.

  • Maintaining vehicles based on last service log.

  • Developed 30+ reports, it is quite a simple job for client to keep watch on all ongoing transactions.