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A Journey of migration from old Odoo v6.1 to latest stable version of Odoo v16

Business Vertical : Manufacturing of Gauges & Tools
Odoo Version : v16 Enterprise Edition

About Client

TruThread, a reputable manufacturer renowned for producing gauges and tools, specializes in a wide range of products including Thread Gauges, Plain Gauges, Air and Electronic Gauges, and Multi Gauging Fixtures. With a strong spotlight on quality, TruThread is a prominent leader in the global market for manufacturing Thread, Plain, Air, and Electronic Gauges. Having an extensive range of products, complex processes, and a requirement for smooth integration throughout manufacturing, sales, and procurement, TruThread aimed to find a complete software solution to improve efficiency and facilitate expansion.

Technologies Used

Odoo, PostgreSQL, Python

Challenges Faced

  • Accounting Reports :

The client required various reporting frameworks for accounting reports. Thus, we delved into the accounting module extensively to comprehend their financial flow, enabling us to generate the required financial reports accordingly.

  • Re-Ordering Rules :

We encountered multiple challenges while configuring the re-ordering rules, mainly due to the complex routing involving various scenarios. The process involves checking the stock availability, where if the item is in stock, it's consumed first; otherwise, it proceeds to initiate a manufacturing order to produce the required item.

  • Product Master :

As a team, we faced another challenge during master product creation, which proved to be more complex than predicted. Creating a product required adding specific parameters essential for each product. We needed to customize the process to ensure that products couldn't be created without these crucial parameters.

  • Child Manufacturing Order :

The client highlighted a crucial concern regarding the child Manufacturing orders. These orders required linking multiple child Manufacturing orders together, ensuring proper routing if materials were unavailable in the inventory. In such cases, it should automatically trigger a Purchase order to procure the necessary materials.

Impacts & Results

  • We migrated several years' worth of accounting data to the latest version, v16. Additionally, we carefully configured all other aspects within v16.
  • Thanks to the custom accounting reports, tracking financial figures became convenient, allowing for various methods of analysis to identify and monitor business growth effectively.
  • In the most recent version, v16, we redesigned the manufacturing process flow and adjusted its configuration accordingly. This facilitated the client in experiencing seamless utilization of the manufacturing module.
  • The migration from v6.1 to v16 made it easier for the client to handle E-Invoicing and E-Way Bills as per rules of Government of India. This was the main reason for the upgrade.
  • The migration also improved Employee Management and Leave Management, making it easier for them to manage HR tasks in the system.


By doing successful migration from v6.1 to v16 in odoo TruThread has successfully enhanced operations through re-mapping of solutions and process improvements. These efforts have boosted efficiency, enabled better financial tracking, and ensured high-quality products. With a commitment to innovation, TruThread is assured to meet evolving market demands and maintain its reputation for excellence.