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Finance Management

Accounts / Finance are the teams which is the backbone of any business. Our SmartCity ERP provides a foolproof finance and accounting management system. You don’t need to use any third-party software to take care of your financial and accounts-related processes. With this ERP you have all the facilities under one roof. A beautiful user interface and well-designed finance system reduce human efforts and give accurate results.


Centralised finance system

Thorough Planning and Budgeting

Advance Level Access Control with smart reconciliation tools

Simplified accounting with attractive UI

Variety of performance reports and Legal statements

Centralised Finance System

With this single window, the user can manage all the accounting operations and can control the transactions. The top management can see and review the whole system. In our Smart City ERP, we have “Multis” - which means Multi-Company Support, Multi-Currency Support, Multiple users and Multiple Journals. With a single click, the top management can have consolidated reports, can access all the financial information and make wise decisions for the organisation. Such a centralized system is useful when you have your operations in multiple geographical locations. 

Smart Management of Your Assets & Revenue

In our Smart City ERP, a person can easily manage all the assets. Once the details are added to the system, we have all the track records of that particular asset. We have depreciation boards and generate amortization entries automatically. The SmartCity ERP can manage all the events on added assets in just a few clicks.

Our solution can also manage multi-year contracts. The system will automate deferred entries and get a clear dashboard of recurring revenues.

Taking care of budgets

For any Smart City project, this is a very important and required feature in their Finance system. Our SmartCity ERP solution provides an analytic view of the system that will help the management team to design the budget. The system will allow the users to track the budget and compare actual performance.

Smartest possible reconciliation tools

Let's also talk about some additional features we have in our SmartCity ERP Solution. Users can get reconciliation propositions automatically, register extra journal items on the fly, and search efficiently. The system provides the interface for manual reconciliations, for both open and paid invoices. Proper training for the users is only required after the first reconciliation which is done manually. The system matches 95% of invoices & payments automatically and the smart matching tool allows you to do the remaining 5% super fast. Audit the difference between the accounts and bank statement balance to ease reconciliation. This feature really helps the accounting department & associated employees to quickly work with the revenues & expenses. The idea here is to add the maximum amount of automation as working with larger numbers without smart systems is more than error-prone. Our SmartCity ERP solution helps users to get maximum automation which minimizes the chances of ending up with wrong and unmatched numbers. 

Performance Reports & Legal Statements

Our SmartCity ERP Solution is sound with a variety of performance reports & other legal documentation. It offers very strong search & filtration options too. The system will generate the MIS and BI reports based on the selected criteria. There are different types of standard reports available like Profit & Loss, Cash flow statements, Cash reports, Executive summary and aged payable/receivables. The beauty of the system is that users can easily export the reports to Excel and PDF format if they need to share them with anyone. All reports are fully dynamic allowing users to navigate with ease. Users can also create multiple annotations inline. 

Advanced Access & User Rights Management

For any ERP System, this is one of the must-haves as this access control is something which directly relates to data security. Our system offers a very comprehensive & smart access control system which allows users to access things according to what the administrator allows them to. In our SmartCity ERP Solution, Admin users will be able to manage access rights & controls given to the normal users. It's very inclusive yet smart enough to act when it comes to the usage of various portions of the solution. Some default configurations are already set up for accountants and advisers. Not only in the case of Accounts & Finance but for all the other areas of the solution, default rights would always have been configured but the admin will have extra rights to manage this.