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Odoo E-commerce With AR/VR

The Retail Industry is thriving, thanks to the rise of mobile and web-based E-Commerce solutions. With the advent of AR/VR technology, retailers are exploring innovative ways to engage clients, and the response has been phenomenal. Imagine being able to try on jewelry and cosmetic products virtually – it's an exciting prospect!

In line with this marketing trend, SerpentCS has developed a cutting-edge solution for E-Commerce. They offer a comprehensive E-Commerce software package coupled with a mobile application, providing real-time product experiences.

Through this E-Commerce software, managing your products becomes seamless. You can organize items by category, monitor stock levels, handle product variants, track orders, manage deliveries, integrate payment gateways, and utilize pivot tools to generate diverse sales reports. Additionally, the AR/VR mobile app empowers your clients to explore products and make purchases on the go. This powerful combination is a game-changer for retailers specializing in apparel and beauty products.

To Know More about the concept of an Augmented Reality Shopping experience integrated with Odoo, watch this video.

The Comprehensive Advantages of an E-Commerce application based on AR/VR Technology.

Value-added product experience for buyers

Product selection insights from reports

More business engagement and customer experience data

Cross-selling opportunities

Easy back-office operations

Optimized inventory and delivery operations