odoo sh cloud based odoo hosting solutions

Are You Implementing Odoo at Your Organisation?

Looking for the Right Deployment Strategy and Services?

Find answers for your Selection Towards Odoo.sh

Why should you Choose Odoo.sh over Odoo.com saas services?

Limitations of Odoo.com SaaS

 Odoo.com SaaS has limitations of installing custom 3rd party modules

 Odoo.com SaaS cannot be optimised for the increased number of users

 It does not provide database-level speed optimisation to improve performance

 It does not provide a staging and testing environment

 You don’t have server control

 You can not configure your custom domain name

 It does not have runbot

Advantages of Odoo sh

 We help you select the right server specification

 Manage multiple development teams with the right GitHub setup with Runbot

 Guide you with the right mixture of Database security, Password security, System security and client communication security

 Set up staging and testing environment

 Connect GitHub to install add-on modules and make your implementation perfect

 Liberty to configure your domain name to feel it is your own Odoo ERP

Why SerpentCS?

Odoo Server Administrator
Odoo Backend Developer
QA with Continuous Integration
Odoo Web Developer
Odoo POS Developer

Team SerpentCS Specialised in Optimising Odoo.sh With;

Workers and Storage environment setup

Setup SSH, DNS and Routes

Continuous monitoring of your Odoo Servers

Setup auto backup for disaster recovery

Setup storage replica for live testing

Tuning performance of Odoo.sh for optimum speed

Continuous testing and deployment with Github and Runbot integration