Project & Works Management

Cost and efficiency is the fundamental aspect of project management. The system helps to keep track of all the details like the project plan, financial details, information from different stakeholders, a project plan with different user rights and access to menus. Tasks in our system allow us to have the kind of hierarchy which helps users to have nested & divided tasks to work with added smartness. In other words, this solution offers you if you need to divide a task into two or more sub-tasks. Subtasks can even be further assigned to multiple resources.

The only member who is part of the project can only view the details of the project. He will also not be able to view all the tasks. The only task that he is added to will be visible to that user. So the system is very inclusive in terms of having tight control over everything.


Attractive dashboard with relevant details

Direct communication with stakeholders through tasks and projects.

Progress, resource, and budget tracking.

Project planning with many different cost models

Comprehensive and flexible reports.

Project deliverable and Milestone

 The project is only valuable if it is generating a particular revenue in the time based on that. The module helps the user to track the deliverables, sales orders and milestones based on the project.

The main feature is that it is able to show all the details of the project in terms of work done, tasks completed, and the invoice generated and if any expense is done then it will also be visible to users in the project.

Time-sheet and Tasks

Any project can be divided into multiple tasks and we can work on the task with different resources with different tasks. In addition to that, a project allows multiple assignments of a single task.

Resources or assigned people can add the work time sheet of the project and task. Based on the timesheet added the project manager will be able to view the project revenue and profitability of the task and project itself.

Ease of Tracking

The system allows all the users to track the progress of the tasks assigned. It also allows the user to view the project plan, finance part, and other details as per the user's rights and access is given to him/her.

It allows the user to manage the performance of the project and keep track of all the risk factors with meeting details in the project itself, which is useful for project directives.

Attractive Dashboard

The dashboard is the quickest way to get the details for any project. The system allows all the users their personalized dashboard so that they can check and keep track of their own projects, tasks, and resources with ease.

A user can view all of his details with a single screen and it can be customized as per the user’s choice. In addition to that, the detail can be clickable so that all reports are directly visible on the go.

Reports & Decision Making

Reports are the main feature of any project as they provide insight into whether the work that was done and the project was profitable or not at the end or at any period of time. The system is designed in such a way that it provides comprehensive and flexible reports with different parameters. It will also allow users to add some favourite reports for themselves and other users also.

There are also user rights and access given to the user and based on that user will be shown the reports and other details. The menu visibility is also based on user rights. This will help the security of the module with details.


Project management & accounting are two of the major segments of the solution which help the organization’s management to make decisions. They should not be trying things here & there in order to get the right set of data as that will absolutely be time taking. The idea here is to offer the proper reporting & dashboard for people associated with Project Management & Governance. This solution will not only help them with the proper reporting but also with some extra features which make the process easier and ultimately make any project profitable.