We live in the digital era where everyone looks for smart options to manage their business activities even other cities are now becoming connected cities. Nowadays, All activities in the cities are happening in a digital way. It can track all activities with the administration and sales departments. As you know sales Management is the backbone of any business model. In our ERP smart city solution covers all functionality to manage sales and administration activities. Let us check out the functionalities offered by our Smart City Solution.


Versatile Sales organisation structure

Easy process for Quotations, SOs & Invoices with pre-configured products

Manages contracts & agreements

Smart Master Data governance

Credit & Debit notes with approvals

Organisation Network & Sales Master Data

Our SmartCity ERP Solution provides the flexibility to set up a sales organisation structure. Additionally, it is not limited to Sales organisations, Different Departments, Distribution channels, and sales offices. Our SmartCity ERP allows us to create a hierarchy for different divisions within the institution. Our ERP solution offers to manage and maintain sales master data In order to make your sales process efficient. It helps to manage your products and services offered by the smart city, moreover, it allows you to keep a track record of customers and quick communication through online mediums. Our ERP Solution offers to create pricing structures based on the customers and also helps to choose specific price lists. 

Quotation and Sales Orders

Smart City ERP offers to generate the Quotation based on products and Services offered by the company. Functionality to add lines for Multiple products and services with pricing and discount details, Additionally, it allows you to add validity to the quotation. Not only that but Our digital city ERP helps to send emails or print the quote with the appropriate format of the Organisation. As we mentioned earlier you can keep track of your customers, here it offers to get follow-up through Email and schedule Task activities that help to build up a rapport with customers and enhance the revenue by converting the quote into sales. Our Solution offers online customer acceptance on quotes which means hustle free process for your prime customers. Same as Quote it assists to generate sales Orders for specific products and services offered by corporations. 

Accounting Document Management

In order to manage the accounting operations flawlessly, Our ERP solution offers functionality to generate credit and debit notes due to any reason. Additionally, you can get options to add several lines to create credit or debit notes with the necessary details. Easy to send details through email and get the option to print the Notes. ERP Solution also offers to set up different levels of approvals for Credit/debit notes. It also calculates the tax components that have been applied to Quote/Sales orders/ Credit and Debit notes. Furthermore, it helps to compute the tax manually.

Tenancy contracts and Invoicing

As a Smart city, there will be many business partners of the organization, in this case, our ERP solution offers functionality to manage lease/ rental contracts with your business partners. You can create a contract with multiple lines and the system will catalyze the invoice based on the payment plan. Our system offers to generate the invoice based on the sales orders and you can directly send the invoice through email or print receipt.