Why Is Odoo ERP The Best Fit For Trading Business?

Odoo for Trading companies: Easily procure and Sell your products

Odoo Trading Business

The trading business is lucrative and seems pretty straight forward when just the buy and sell button are viewed. But, in reality, the trading business is not a bed of roses because when other aspects associated with trading are added to the equation, suddenly everything starts appearing a hard nut to crack in. 

A glance at how the trading business operates:

The goods are purchased, a stock is maintained, the inventory levels are managed according to customer behaviour, demand fluctuations, and changes in regulations, and later, the goods are sold at the best price. For multiple facets of the trading business when different software is deployed, it becomes difficult to centrally manage the business and make the most out of the business through critical decision making.

The trading business complexity may have scared you. But, don’t put off your trading business idea as you can avail the limitless potential profits when the Odoo ERP is employed. It’s the best trading software in the entire trading industry with thousands of modules that are helping the varied size of the businesses. Not sure or convinced? 

Let’s discuss in detail how Odoo ERP can become a one-stop-shop for every trading business needs:

Purchase management becomes effortless

Conventionally checking the stock levels, dealing with multiple companies, creating and sending the quotations to multiple vendors, and then confirming the purchase orders is a back-breaking task. But, Odoo automates most of the tasks and handles them like a best buddy.

At first, for the best purchase decision, Odoo quickly tracks the products’ availability in the supplier’s inventory, and when available, the pricelist of the suppliers are compared in addition to policies and special contract decisions for a quick and right decision on the same page. Bargaining or negotiation is also possible with vendors using purchase tenders.

The online quotations end up the hassle of creating and managing multiple paper receipts. Once, the business continuously keeps purchasing the product from the vendor for a long duration, Odoo automates the purchasing workflow by automatically sending the request for quotation to the supplier based on the stock levels, demands, or sales orders that help in maintaining inventory performance. 

360-degree view into operations in the real-time

To let the business perform at the peak efficiency and continuously meet the customer’s needs, it’s important to flawlessly manage the stock in the inventory such as to know what’s there in the inventory, what goods are running out of the inventory, and which goods are excessively kept in stock. Simultaneously, multiple factors like- customer’s needs, suppliers, locations, manufacturing units, and others also play a critical role in delivering the orders at the right time. 

That’s where Odoo ERP stands out with precise business information, real-time data about the purchase and shipment orders, and effective inventory management which helps in creating better inventory controls. The lot tracking and log serial number tracking also helps in bidding goodbye to the out-of-stock, under-stock, or faulty product issues in the goods produced in distinct batches.

Besides, irrespective of the warehouse availability at multiple locations, the Odoo ERP streamlines the inventory operations and ensures the goods get delivered to the customers in minimum time, cost, and resource consumption. 

Enhance customer relationship management 

It’s important to track what the customers want and how the business can fulfill it at every stage of the sales funnel to bring more conversion. Winning the customer is all about maintaining the relationship with customers at every stage in the CRM sales pipeline. Odoo helps in keeping the pipeline moving flawlessly by allowing the sales team to view the opportunity for customers at different stages alongside necessary inputs, business activities, and the ability to schedule meetings. 

Moreover, for the seamless leads management,Odoo predicts the lead score when the fields for probability computation are defined, enlist the leads generated through various marketing efforts and enable identifying the quality leads from the existing customer database. It increases the likelihood of identifying the opportunity and reaching out to the customers with the right product that helps in hitting the sweet spot.

Seamless product management

The products that business trades come in different variants with different attributes such as size, color, price, and others. Managing the various types of products, their variants, and their multiple units of measurements are no easy task. This is where Odoo ERP excels by allowing the business to create the products with their multiple variants through purchase, sales, and inventory module that helps in engaging the customers on the front-end. 

Additionally, to make the ‘Discount’ as an eye-catchy factor to products, the ERP allows the businesses to tailor the pricing strategy through pricelist features by setting certain price rules for different product variants. However, the price rules can be defined for the category of products or each product variant. 

The ability to add a barcode or other internal references to the goods speed up the order delivery process, and the unique serial numbers facilitate shipment tracking- which is some of the great features in Odoo that helps in managing the products right from reception to the final delivery. 

Options to sell your products

Odoo also provides excellent selling services options i.e POS and E-Commerce website. Well, you have a list of products in your master data along with options to sell via POS and E-Commerce. Categorize your product and start selling it. You can learn more about Odoo E-Commerce over here: the cost effective ways to set up online store with excellent Odoo ERP inventory

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