An All-Inclusive ERP Solution for Streamlining Hotel Management

hotel erp

Enterprise Resource Planning Software provides the management personnel of any industry the proficiencies for the interconnected management of all its business processes. Like any other industry, hotels also need efficient OpenERP/ODOO Hotel Management Software that can streamline the processes and tasks in a hotel. This software is also required to give complete integration of processes and all sorts of management software installed in the hotel.

It certainly is significant management software. It allows the management of the hotel to acquire a completely integrated and continually updated overview of all the departments and activities with the hotel, not just in terms of operations but in terms of efficient planning as well.

Serpent Consulting Services provide an efficient OpenERP/ODOO Hotel Management Software which includes front office management systems for all sorts of hotel operations and encompasses a comprehensive line of OpenERP solutions for many other aspects of hotel operations including CRS(Central Reservation System), CRM, Spa Scheduling and Management, POS Hotel Management Software as well as real-time hotel booking engine.

Hotel ERP Benefits

Choosing our integrated OpenERP/ODOO Hotel Management Software optimizes your hotel’s costs whilst improving your overall productivity. Furthermore, our OpenERP software solutions are equipped with tools that aid you to carry out scrupulous checks any sort of expenses made by the hotel. With this, the management can easily detect and eliminate any additional waste cost expenses. We have integrated these solutions seamlessly with our PMS and thus, these are capable of ensuring constant control over all the activities and processes of the hotel.

     Our OpenERP/ODOO HMS is capable of ensuring constant control over all of the activities and processes of your hotel