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Our PPC Management services emphasize on the sole objective of attaining maximum conversions for your company and website, and consequently augmenting your Return on Investment (ROI) for PPC. PPC (Pay Per Click) is a marketing service that search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo etc. offer. PPC aids you to build and drive internet marketing campaigns. However, every search engine enforces its stipulated set of PPC guidelines and rules to set up your PPC campaign. The best way to optimize PPC campaigns is through complete comprehension of all the features and utilization of data-oriented strategies. The PPC management campaigns of SerpentCS ensures all this and its team of certified PPC professionals work very diligently to give its clients the best possible ROIs. We, at Serpent Consulting Services, are committed to providing best PPC marketing India services, to help you realize the optimum potential of your PPC marketing campaign.

Our services encompass PPC campaign expansion and regular optimization for continued growth and success.

SerpentCS PPC Management Services:

We follow highly research based and result-oriented strategies to ensure that your PPC Google Adwords campaign is working in synchronization as per your specific requisites and budget guidelines. We possess a team of certified PPC professionals and account managers who ensure apt PPC campaign implementation by leveraging best industry practices.

Our Services include:

Competition Analysis

It subsumes thorough analysis of the online PPC strategies of your competitors.

Keyword Analysis

It subsumes identification of the most suitable keywords that your target audience uses to search your products or services.

Bid Management

It subsumes thorough analysis of the top online spot and bidding for it.

Sponsored Advertisements

For giving you immediate online visibility, we develop strategic sponsored advertisements.


It involves collection of entire statistical data pertaining to the performance of your campaign and the record work carried out under your PPC campaign.

We, at Serpent Consulting Services, develop efficiencies around your products and services for driving more targeted visitors and potential customers to your website. We carry out deep-delved research and manage the times when your ads should be online and deliver best results. Geo-targeting is another vital feature of our PPC services.

Our Offerings:


Focused and steadfast PPC campaigns


Calculated bids 24X7


Complete transparency on various aspects of PPC campaigns


Results driven campaign planning and implementation


Cost efficiency and continuous support