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With competition at its ultra-high, just being good in e-commerce isn’t sufficient. Your operational efficiency must stretch beyond the conventional norms. And this is what ODOO e-commerce is helping thousands of entrepreneurs around the world achieve. An advanced and versatile backhand framework that seamlessly blend with other business applications, it unveils the e-commerce 2.0 that packs opportunities in abundance for smart business owners. So, if you want to achieve excellence and higher returns, contact us today. We are a leading Odoo e-commerce company, helping clients grow, sustain and succeed in the competitive market. Packing a large and qualified team of developers, our Odoo e-commerce services are industry-recognized that span to cater very diverse niches. We work around custom needs and demands of business owners to better align with their core goals and principles. Here at SerpentCS, we believe that running an e-commerce business shouldn’t be difficult. So we hold simplicity close to everything that we do. From inventory, sales and fulfillment to CRM, marketing and more—we make sure the backhand is streamlined to perfection that helps you realize operational efficiency and profitability.


Store development gives your customers a next-gen platform where shopping feels easy and interesting.

Theme Development It all begins with an attractive and unique design. Don’t get things wrong here.

Search optimization is a ready-to-win e-commerce business that champions organic results like no competitor.

Security audit prevents data leakages and fights cyber-attacks that threat e-commerce constantly. Keep your e-commerce infrastructure secured.

Integration with other Modules makes your life easier with the seamless integration of Odoo.

E-Commerce with other modules, including CRM, Carrier, Tracking, Analytics, and Sales Reports.

Maintenance never runs out of steam. Keep your business functioning at its best with our reliable maintenance service.

Support and Upgrades keep your Odoo framework up-to-date all the time. And always have an expert by yourself for on-demand support.


  • SerpentCS is a highly-trusted Odoo E-Commerce website development company. Here are the factors that maintain us in that position:

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Development, implementation, integration and more—all under a single roof
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The qualified and experienced team working on the project
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Very competitive pricing
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On-demand support and maintenance available
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24/7 access to customer care
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Custom solutions that are designed for your unique needs
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Vast experience of writing success stories for clients

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