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SerpentCS has expertise in providing various services for OpenERP/ODOO which includes Support, Training, Migration, Offshore and Implementation for your requirements. We have a wide range of lucrative offers to satiate your business requirements, which you can avail from our Support Package.

In normal scenarios, support is different from Offshore, but we have come up with a great initiative which includes all services in support packages! We provide support of OpenERP versions starting from 4.2 to latest stable version.

We provide the state-of-the-art support services as described in OpenERP/ODOO Support Packages. But before you go through our support packages, just have a walk-through at the main features of OpenERP/ODOO technology! 

Why is OpenERP/ODOO the Best Business Software?

OpenERP/ODOO offers great business solution to its users, helping them to build the baseline. With numerous of features and functionalities, OpenERP/ODOO holds best in class modules, apps in plugins for business having a unique and specific requirement. It can serve small and mid-sized enterprises with an extensive business solution and help them generate the desired revenue. Some of the best features of OpenERP/ODOO include:

Concise and Large Business Management Application:

OpenERP/ODOO’s business application are specifically customized to run specific essential operation within their particular department. This cover project management, invoicing and bookkeeping to efficiently handle contracts and company provoked cost individually. Warehouse management, purchase and manufacturing apps are also covered with considerable integration for maximum business productivity.

Market Extension and Sales Boosting:

Numerous business improvement application for companies who are trying to expand their marketing opportunities both regionally and globally are also an important part of OpenERP/ODOO's features. Actions linked to these apps include live chats with the website visitor, handling market-related surveys, event management and lead automation. All these actions are commenced in efforts of extending the market scope of any business; and as a starting measure to boost its profits and wealth. OpenERP/ODOO also has business application to increase organization’s sales through customer relationship such CRM, Point of Sale etc.

Website Building and Business Production Boosting:

From Blog to eCommerce, OpenERP/ODOO's website building apps are developed with marketing procedure in mind to reach out to a wider global audience of potential business clients or customers. It allows company owners to develop their own websites which usually search engine optimized. Additionally, OpenERP/ODOO aids for the development of many effective business productivity increment tools and software such as business intelligence and instant online messaging to request generation of intelligence objectives and intensify problem-solving skills. Studies and relevant to-do notes and also see to it that the company achieves its set production aims.

Please find SerpentCS Support Packages , Buy them & Enjoy OpenERP/ODOOing..!

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