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Advance Open-ERP / Odoo HR and DMS

Our hard work and dedication pave the way for your success!​

odoo hr and dms training

We offer advance OpenERP/ODOO HR and DMS Training to learners across the world. Based on our technical and functional expertise in OpenERP/ODOO, meeting client’s specific needs for customization in ERP and providing expertise oriented OpenERP/ODOO training is one of our top organizational objectives. We leverage our extensive domain knowledge and experience to aid our clients and learners and to achieve swift time to value.

Our entire focus is always on delivering quality training to learners and we always aid our customers with end to end OpenERP/ODOO services portfolio and exhaustive training modules in streamlining enterprises processes. One of the cardinal reasons behind our incredible growth as an OpenERP/ODOO is our abiding commitment to quality education towards our clients. We emphasize on improving business processes of the organization by training our learners with advanced OpenERP/ODOO skills that can enhance profitability and productivity.

Our highly affordable training in OpenERP/ODOO is typically dedicated to IT professionals, OpenERP/ODOO integrators who want to develop an expertise in DMS configurations and Human Resource Management through OpenERP/ODOO.

Human Resource Management & DMS Training

Duration: 3 Days

Our HRM (Human Resource Management) training aids learners to develop an advanced understanding of the management of Human Resource activities using OpenERP/ODOO tools. However, the scope of training is quite exhaustive and covers profound discussions on the installation, customization and deployment of OpenERP/ODOO, Human Resource Management, salary structure configurations, recruitment process and many more.

DMS module of OpenERP/ODOO deals with document management in ERP installations. Information management has become a critical factor in an organization’s development. Efficient document management provides an imperative way for companies to organize their information and OpenERP/ODOO DMS configurations aid in efficient document management. The cardinal objective of DMS system subsumes access and reference, easier archiving, intelligent distribution and classification of the documents and the data they contain. It’s important to circulate the right information as effectively as possible and OpenERP/ODOO DMS aids in achieving this objective quite efficiently.

HRMS and dms training

Upon finishing this course, you will be able to:

 Successfully install and administer OpenERP/ODOO.

 Configure OpenERP/ODOO through standard modules and create new modules.

 Become an efficient OpenERP/ODOO consultant capable of offering valuable advice to enhance the productivity of an organization.

 Perform competent GAP Analysis and required changes in front-end GUI.

Requirements for Training:

Bringing your own laptop (computing device) is mandatory.

Your computing device must possess the latest stable version of OpenERP/Odoo.

Your computing device must have access to the official website of OpenERP/Odoo.

An experience in business analysis will prove useful for developing a profound understanding of the technical OpenERP/ODOO concepts discussed in the training.

An understanding of business processes will be useful for developing a profound understanding of the technical OpenERP/Odoo concepts discussed in the training.

Understanding of Enterprise Resource Management and rules of management processes will help you develop a better understanding of the technical OpenERP/ODOO concepts discussed in the training.