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"Technical Training provides the foundation for innovation and empowers individuals to solve complex problems in today's technology-driven world."

- Jeff Bezos, Founder of Amazon
odoo technical training

Odoo Technical Training - Basic and Advance

Odoo is highly cost-effective, as the end users are only required to pay for the services that ERP software integrators provide and not for the software licensing. But, as Odoo is becoming exceedingly popular, the requirement for ERP professionals is also growing exponentially.

SerpentCS offers the best in class Odoo ERP Technical Training via Udemy that has so far helped more than 1000 students in the Odoo Fraternity. We have been regularly releasing technical know-how and tips altogether.

It not only covers video series and material used for demonstrating the course but also gives access to all the code developed during training. The material will be provided with the outline. The course will lead you to the basics of Odoo programming. The lessons are non-API and API-compliant both, of which will be usable for all Odoo versions.

Who this Course is for?


Who wish to customise ODOO Module or get to know odoo environment

Technical Experts

Who worked on OpenERP and wants to learn Odoo API

ERP Experts

Who wish to customise Odoo technical, Business Processes, Reports

Benefits of getting trained by SerpentCS

 Rich content which covers the complete technical aspects of all versions of  altogether.

 Self-paced, available at one's own convenience on .

 Designed and curated by the expert and resourceful team at SerpentCS

 The course has already been enrolled by 1700+ students

What do you require?

Pre-requisites of the OpenERP / Odoo Technical Training Program

Intermediate level experience in Python Language

Understanding of Object Oriented Concepts

Basic knowledge of Odoo

Eclipse editor configured in the system​

Odoo Tech Training Makes You Ready to 

Gain a clear understanding of the file structure and best practices for organizing OpenERP files effectively.
Add objects, create modules, and implement necessary modifications to forms and other views within an OpenERP system.
Make essential adjustments to access rights and menus to ensure proper user permissions.
Comprehend the process of creating imperative documents, such as reports, within an OpenERP system.
Execute crucial administration tasks required to manage and maintain the OpenERP system.

Duration of the Course

Basic - 5 Days | Advance - 10 days