We Develop Customized Training Modules as per your Specific Needs !

OpenERP/ODOO knowledge has become one of the most demanded skills in today’s enterprise scenario. Serpent Consulting Services offer expertise oriented exhaustive training programs across the globe on functional and technical aspects of OpenERP/ODOO.

OpenERP/ODOO is Enterprise Resource Planning software that enables an organization to streamline its activities and optimize the performance in every department. OpenERP/ODOO basically provides an operational base system that possesses the capability to develop customized modules to carry out different tasks in the organization automatically and effectively whilst helping an organization attain optimum productivity.

We, at Serpent Consulting Services, understand the requisite for learned OpenERP/ODOO professionals and thus, we strive to bridge the gap between this requisite and supply of professionals with an advanced skill set in OpenERP/ODOO concepts and practical aspects.

Our highly affordable training in OpenERP/ODOO is typically dedicated to IT professionals, OpenERP/ODOO integrators who want to develop an extensive understanding of the OpenERP/ODOO development process. We also collaborate with organizations that have an analyst or functional team that needs dedicated training in OpenERP/ODOO. In addition to these, we deliver customized OpenERP/ODOO Corporate Training as per the specific needs of an organization.

Duration of the Course: 10 Days

After the completion of this course, you will be able to,


Successfully install, administer and configure OpenERP/ODOO through standard modules and create new modules


Become an efficient OpenERP/ODOO consultant capable of offering valuable advice to enhance the productivity of an organization


Perform competent GAP Analysis and required changes in front-end GUI

Pre-requisites of the OpenERP/ODOO technical training program:


Bringing your own laptop (computing device) is mandatory


Your computing device must have access to the official website of OpenERP/ODOO


An understanding of business processes will be useful for developing a profound understanding of the technical OpenERP/ODOO concepts discussed in the training.


Your computing device must possess the latest stable version of OpenERP/ODOO

An experience in business analysis will prove useful for developing a profound understanding of the technical OpenERP/ODOO concepts discussed in the training.


Understanding of Enterprise Resource Management and rules of management processes will help you develop a better understanding of the technical OpenERP/ODOO concepts discussed in the training.

Our OpenERP/ODOO  Corporate Training Package

If you are looking for extensive training of your staff in all or some specific aspects of OpenERP, we offer highly exhaustive OpenERP/ODOO technical and functional training courses at quite affordable costs.

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3


Product Category & Product Configuration with Order Point
Warehouse Management Introduction
Installation and Configuration
Shop, Location & Warehouse Configuration
Database Management
Price list and Auto Segmentation
Opening Stock and Physical Inventory
UI Introduction & Operations
Setup UOM and UOS for the Products
Stock Scheduler to generate Automated Purchase order
Users and Groups
Configure Stages of Leads and Opportunity
Purchase Requisition and Purchase Order Management
Module Installation
Marketing Campaign & Lead Generation
Incoming Shipment, Delivery Order & Internal Stock Movement
Company Configuration and Multi-Company Management
Work on Leads, Mail/SMS & Phone Call followup
Partial and Full Shipment / Delivery
Multi Language Management
Convert Lead to Opportunity & Customer Management
Serial number and packaging management
Emails and SMS Configuration
Schedule Phone Calls and Meetings
Product Expiry and Warranty
Data Migration by Import/Export
Generate Quotations and Add Expected Revenue in Opportunity
Product Up-Stream and Down-Stream Traceability
Customization from Interface
Negotiation and Quotation Revisions
After Sales Service (Helpdesk)
Design your own Dashboard
Generate Sale Order & Direct Mail to Customer

Fetchmail Configuration
Generate Delivery Orders and Final Invoice & Mail to Customer