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teachnical training

OpenERP/ODOO Technical Training on Udemy have so far helped more than 1000 students in the OpenERP/ODOO Fraternity. We have been regularly releasing the technical know-how and tips altogether.

The technical trainings conducted in English and Arabic are a very rich content which covers the complete technical aspects of Odoo v7, v8, v9 and v10,v11,v12,v13 altogether. The benefit is, we have it recorded professionally, published on Udemy so one can use at his own pace at one’s own convenience.

In a marketplace predominantly ruled by proprietary ERP software like SAP, Microsoft Dynamics and many more, ODOO (formerly known as OpenERP) is making its own stable place by offering one of the most up to the minute and modular services to small and medium-sized businesses. One of the major reasons behind its growing popularity is the cost effectiveness that it gives, as the end users are only required to pay for the services that ERP software integrators provide and not for the software licensing. But, as OpenERP/ODOO is becoming exceedingly popular, the requirement for ERP professionals is also growing exponentially.

We, at Serpent Consulting Services, offer exhaustive OpenERP/ODOO technical training programs that prepare participants to take up the complex challenges pertaining to deployment, implementation and troubleshooting of OpenERP/ODOO. Initially developed in Belgium, OpenERP/ODOO is spreading its wings across the continents and thus, its technical knowledge has become one of the most demanded skills across organizations.

Being one of the Customer Centric Firms, our sole objective is Customer Satisfaction and thus, we strive hard to achieve Top-Notch Quality in our Deliverables !

Our highly affordable OpenERP/ODOO technical training is typically dedicated to IT professionals, developers and integrators who want to grasp a comprehensive knowledge of technical aspects of OpenERP/ODOO. We ensure that our training programs are delivered by industry professionals who possess extensive experience in technical implementation of OpenERP/ODOO and are aware of the professional challenges that one may face in an organizational environment.

Duration of the Course: Basic- 5 Days, Advance-10 Days

After the completion of this course, you will be able to,

Successfully install OpenERP/ODOO along with all the essential modules and packages.

Clearly understand the file structure and the best practices pertaining to the placement of OpenERP files

Add objects, create modules and make required changes to the forms & other views in an OpenERP system

Make necessary modifications to access rights and menus

Understand the creation process of imperative documents like reports in an OpenERP system

Perform important steps required for administration of the OpenERP system

Pre-requisites of the OpenERP/ODOO technical training program

Bringing your own laptop (computing device) is mandatory

Your computing device must possess the latest stable version of OpenERP/ODOO

An understanding of business processes will be useful for developing a profound understanding of the technical OpenERP/ODOO concepts discussed in the training.

Your computing device must have access to the official website of OpenERP/ODOO

An experience in business analysis will prove useful for developing a profound understanding of the technical OpenERP/ODOO concepts discussed in the training.

Understanding of Enterprise Resource Management and rules of management processes will help you develop a better understanding of the technical OpenERP/ODOO concepts discussed in the training.

Special Anniversary Offer - Group Training.

Prepare a team between 5 to 7 and we will propose the 5-day training for $3000.

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