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Get OpenERP/ODOO Functional Training Online

OpenERP/ODOO is comprehensive and exceedingly modular ERP software that can easily be implemented in small to medium sized businesses where implementation of ERP is difficult. OpenERP/ODOO offers a wide array of advantages apart from cost effectiveness, and thus, it is becoming extremely popular in organizations of every size.

The popularity of ODOO (formerly known as OpenERP) has also raised the demand of learned OpenERP/ODOO professionals who can handle every aspect of OpenERP/ODOO ranging from its installation to troubleshooting, handling its modules to generic business processes and carrying out smooth functional operations to configuration of standard modules.

OpenERP/ODOO possesses several features and benefits which make it open of the top choices of the organizations. Some of the astounding features that OpenERP/ODOO offers subsume:


Financial management and management accounting


Sales, purchase and inventory management


IT resources and human resource management


Recurring invoice automation and transport fleet management


Multiple users interface, and multi-platform server & clients.


Complete modularity and unparalleled adaptation to enterprise.

Marketing campaigns and automation of tasks


Multilingual user interfaces

We, at Serpent Consulting Services, offer exhaustive affordable OpenERP/ODOO functional training that covers all the aspects of functional implementation and deployment of OpenERP/ODOO frameworks. We ensure that the training is delivered by extensively experienced ERP professionals who can leverage their professional expertise and experience to aid the training participants learn the deep-delved concepts of functional aspects of ERP.

We offer the most affordable OpenERP/ODOO functional training and ensure that our trained professionals are capable of using the functional aspects of OpenERP/ODOO optimally. Our focus is always on helping professionals become highly productive employees for an organization who can contribute towards making the organizational processes effective and efficient, and can help an organization grow whilst reducing its overheads.

Duration of the Course: Basic - 5 Days, Advance - 10 days

After the completion of this course, you will be able to,


Successfully install, administer and configure OpenERP/ODOO through standard modules and create new modules


Become an efficient OpenERP/ODOO consultant capable of offering valuable advice to enhance the productivity of an organization.


Perform competent GAP Analysis and required changes in front-end GUI.

Pre-requisites of the OpenERP/ODOO Functional Training Program:


Bringing your own laptop (computing device) is mandatory


Your computing device must have access to the official website of OpenERP/ODOO


An understanding of business processes will be useful for developing a profound understanding of the technical OpenERP/ODOO concepts discussed in the training.


Your computing device must possess the latest stable version of OpenERP/ODOO


An experience in business analysis will prove useful for developing a profound understanding of the technical OpenERP/ODOO concepts discussed in the training


Understanding of Enterprise Resource Management and rules of management processes will help you develop a better understanding of the technical OpenERP/ODOO concepts discussed in the training.