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HR & Payroll

Our SmartCity ERP System allows the HR person to add the new employee’s details. In addition to that, the employee will be able to enter & store his/her personal & professional details. So we can say that the system is not only friendly for the employees but for the administrative people as well. When we talk about HRMS, the system should be in a way which should fill the communication bridge between the organization and employees. Even the system is very sound in terms of its security perspective too. It only allows an employee to view his/her own details and the employees working under them.


Centralized employees information system

Well managed reward and disciplinary action methods

Payroll management with all details in a single place

Easy leaves & expenses management

Attendance and timesheet management with Projects and Tasks

Expense and Travels Requisitions

The system will allow users to add their expenses with the details and attachment of multiple documents as proof. The manager will approve the information and then HR can approve the expense. Configuration of single and multi-level approvals from the HR end.

In addition to that, users can add travel allowance from their account with the addition of all attachments.

Attendance and Leaves Management

Any HRM system always needs to track employee attendance for the payroll and other parts of their HR process. Attendance is one of the key areas of HR operations as many further things are dependent on it. Leaves are an employee's primary requirement. There are leaves allocated to employees based on a time interval and there are multiple types of leaves allowed in a company (i.e. CL, DL, SL). Leaves kind of thing should be managed well in any organization a small, medium and large one.

The product directly allows users to apply for leaves, allocation of leaves based on a particular time interval (Monthly, Quarterly & so on), and Apply for leave in an easygoing way a multi-level approval scenario is something which really helps when you have hundreds & thousands of employees on your payroll. All these features make this product unique in a way that it can be used very easily by anyone with a very basic knowledge of such administrative systems.

Payroll and Slips Management

Payroll is the biggest part of any HR module as the workforce is getting all their payments from the payroll as per their allowances and deductions. Our SmartCity ERP System allows different employees with different contacts to be managed in a single payroll module. As we know that there are different scales managed and there are multiple inclusions and exclusions in the payment, HR person has to manage all those details on a page or every time they have to check for every employee. 

A feature to generate payslips in bulk is also provided so that an HR person can create payslips in a single click for multiple employees. The whole payroll is directly connected to Accounting so all the entries are also affected at the company level and that is something which helps the senior management to manage HR & Payroll things in the easiest way possible.

Rewards and Disciplinary

Our SmartCity ERP System allows all the employees to add special rewards for the good work done. It also allows for disciplinary actions to be taken. The system saves all the data so that it can be traced when required and check a particular employee history as well.

Timesheet and Projects

Our SmartCity ERP System allows adding a timesheet for all employees based on their defined projects which helps the manager to track the productivity of an employee. In addition to that, it helps the user to know how much time it takes to complete his/her regular tasks. The project cost and analysis are also directly affected through the timesheet entries so it will also help track project cost with real-time details.

Reports & Decision Making

There are multiple reports created based on the requirement from a simple HR system. Leaves, Attendance, Payroll, Payslips and Timesheet reports are some of the basic reports that are created under Our SmartCity ERP System. In addition to that, it provides a Pivot View to allow users and managers to view all details under a single screen to get real-time data in a very effective manner.


The beauty of our SmartCity ERP System is that all the modules & segments of the solution are internally connected with each other. This has been done through years of systematic development & testing.

Systems should be time & effort saving and using multiple solutions for every other purpose will not make us efficient enough to manage the massive processes managed by various departments/people.

The system has been made upon Odoo but we have huge customisation allowing users to have their system the way they would love to work with.