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Web Portal


Caching Infrastructure

Android / IOS Compatible

Encrypted Messaging Services

Digital signature certificate for login

Social Media Integrated (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram)

Flexible and Scalable Design

Our Web Portal allows users to add or modify the data entry fields runtime without any modification in source code or any development tools. The system has a caching infrastructure which will reduce the system load a system's load and help improve the system’s performance. We have implemented a content management system which allows users to create ad-hoc as well as new pages dynamically. And we have also implemented a system which is compliant with code standards and passes through various validation tools (i.e. HTML validator & CSS validator).

We here at SerpentCS have designed this system on an open data policy. We have also given various provisions to navigate to a list of applications, homepage, and important content in various forms of presentation

Compatible Systems & Platforms

Our Web portal has extensive compatibility with mobile OS such as Android & IOS with all the features and functionalities a portal should have. Our portal is compatible with all types of browsers (Microsoft IE, Chrome, Mozilla Firefox) and on top of that, our system is flexible enough to run on any device without any high-end devices. This Portal is fully compliant with HTML 5.0 or higher and will also allow the usage of authenticated plug-ins.

Comprehensive Information Source

Web Portal is specially developed to give a single window service to citizens at any time and anywhere basis which is available 24/7. Our SmartCity ERP System is the primary source of information for all city's stakeholders including Citizens, Corporates, Tourists, Commercial entities, Government departments and their employees, Healthcare providers, Educational institutes and Third-party vendors. We have implemented a search engine which will allow users to search based on multiple. Metadata. Also will allow search using keywords and comprehensive full-text searching for all information within the portal. Above all these functionalities we also have a feature to support parallel querying for improved search capabilities.

Web Portal has a feature to capture all the primary content such as City Applications, Information generated through various integrations, City Information, Progress of City Development, geographical information, future plans of the city, static city and corporate data, city board members information, city mayor as well as commissioner information.

Web Portal has a feature to capture all the secondary content such as Grievance redressal, Polls, Social media feed, Discussion forums (specific forums for groups with special interests), City guide, City announcements, City agenda with events, Emergency announcements and events page with audio and video upload, User policy/house rules, and Related links.

Web Portal has a feature to capture all the territory content such as Contact information, About the website, Website feedback system, Navigation pane, Contact list of departmental offices, User assistance (help/FAQ), and Terms and conditions.

Miscellaneous Capabilities

Our Web Portal allows users to upload/download documents, audio, and video. Users will also have access to the repository with all the links to download the documents and templates.

This system has the capability to support multiple languages and also a smart feature has been implemented that narrates all the details to visually impaired people with ISO / IEC TR 29138-1.

Web Portal is equipped with auto / smart fill functionality where the system will auto-populate the data in the field based on the user. This system will also have new feeds on the home page which will be constantly updated. Also, a calendar is added which will display all the events i.e. past events and upcoming events.

An encrypted message service is offered in the portal where users can communicate with the relevant department user/customer care official regarding the service request.
Web Portal will have a smart dashboard where the system will securely capture data from various systems and showcase it on dashboards for city analysis and performance.