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How to get benefit from Cloud-based Car Wash POS software

Grow your ​car wash business
June 17, 2021 by
How to get benefit from Cloud-based Car Wash POS software

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In Today’s busy world, people always look for quick service and convenience. A Car wash POS system is a powerful tool to assist in running your business successfully.  Cloud-based POS systems offer a single dashboard to manage your business seamlessly and increase revenue by enabling quick customer service.

Dashboard of cloud based Car Wash ERP System

User- friendly dashboard can be operated single-handed. We have designed our dashboard in such a way that you can find everything in one window so you don't have to switch screens. On the right side, you can quickly find the services and price.



Customer Information

Sometimes you are facing the problem of keeping your loyal customers' information. In the car wash POS, you can quickly search for your existing customers.

Separate control panels help you to add features, Notes and, remarks. It gives you a better experience with multiple iconic buttons.

Adding a new customer to the POS system is quite simple. You need to just add basic information about customers.

You can check the car list of customers, which allows you to choose a car for service. You can add new car details by click on the New car option.

Service Sequence Screen

For any business, time management for delivering service is very important. POS offers queue management that helps to run on time.

You can view services for a specific car. A timer allows you to calculate the time for chosen service.

Notes/Remarks POS

Not only just services, but you can also add Notes/ Remarks for a specific car that will be visible for mechanics under the job card.


Car Wash POS allowed to print and download receipts for customers.


Multiple payment options give you the freedom to select customers. We have added payment mode through Gift Cards and Vouchers and Apply scheme options for frequent visitors. 


Gift Cards

You can create a Gift card for your frequent visitors that help to build relationships. Pos also allows recharging the gift cards with expiry.


Car wash POS offers Multiple reports that help you to analyze your business.

You can also generate product analysis reports that help you to analyze your high rated service and  high-rated product analysis reports that allow you to understand the best services preferred by customers


Multiple Themes

Car wash POS offers nine different types of Themes that give a better user experience.

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