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Which functionality to consider while thinking/planning about a car wash mobile application?

Organize your Car Wash Business!
June 25, 2021 by
Which functionality to consider while thinking/planning about a car wash mobile application?

odoo car wash management erp system

A Clean car adds an extra layer of personality and hence people love to keep their cars neat and clean. This ideology is boosting the car wash business and thus a robust Car Wash Management Mobile Application is in demand. Let's talk about some of the key functionalities which should be there in a car wash mobile application.

Features of cloud based car wash management erp system:

  • Register and manage customers easily
  • Offers various services and packages/deal
  • Schedule service appointment
  • Manage service stages and service status notification
  • Easy payment management and e-receipt option
  • Supports Bluetooth and thermal printer
  • Supports multiple service station
  • Manage employees payroll and attendance
  • Reports: Daily sales summary and car wash report
  • Excellent supporting backend interface for detailed business analysis
  • Supports: iOS and Android platform
  • Cloud-based infrastructure

Homescreen of car wash mobile app:

Well-designed mobile applications offer a great user experience along with an application interface, a clean and navigating home screen allows users to monitor data effortlessly. Think about a home screen with a separate tab for each car wash service stage which allows the operator to check the status of service.

  car wash mobile app homescreen


Register New Car/Customer:

The easy customer registration process with basic required fields i.e Car Name, Customer Name, Email id, Phone Number, Company if that person is associated with any subscribed enterprise, and a specific note section to keep in mind.

 car wash app register customer

Service Selection in Car wash module:

Generally, car wash centers offer washing and detailing services along with monthly or yearly packages to customers. A mobile application should allow operators to display available services and packages to customers.  Customers can opt for a specific service and the operator will manage its further stages. Allowing on-the-go discounts can be USP and it must be there to enroll more and more customers. 

 service selection in car wash monbile application

Schedule Appointment:

In the current fast-paced life, people value their schedules, and hence they would love to schedule their car wash in advance and maybe at their doorstep. How cool and amazing it will be if you can call and schedule your car wash service at your doorstep. It seems like an amazing feature to me!

car wash appointment schedulling


A fast billing process is one of the best practices to avoid waiting in line for payment and hence, one should make sure the application accepts payment via cash, card, or simply register in an account that can be paid later on. Yes, the app must have cool features to register Organizations or Companies so their employees can get their car services under the company account.

The majority of service centers are also selling car accessory products and cafe products and hence it is a good idea to sell additional products along with car services. This cross-selling can help carwash businesses to earn more or even they can do marketing of new products by selling them at a discounted price.



Getting a payment memo is important and the app must print an email invoice for further reference. Nowadays mobile Bluetooth printers and thermal printers connection are in demand.

 car wash invoicing feature


Employee Management:

Mobile applications can fasten business monitoring operations but human intervention is required to manage it. The car wash app helps you to register new employees, hourly rate, weekly credit, and its service location. 



It is crucial to monitor sales operation across all branches and hence multi-branch setup and separate reports are important to see profitability. Daily Summary and Today's Car report explain business progress and financial figures. The date range feature also helps the owner to check past days’ reports.


All in all, SerpentCS has conducted a detailed survey around the globe and abstracted must-have car wash functionality in the mobile application. If you are interested in designing and developing a mobile application for your business then feel free to contact us, we have a dedicated business analyst with automobile industry software consulting experience.