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The Tryton Foundation is now official!

January 7, 2013 by
The Tryton Foundation is now official!

After more than a year of preparation, the Tryton Foundation is now official and fully operational. It is a Belgian private foundation, hence it is designated to pursue a specific disinterested purpose. The missions of the foundation are:

  • Develop and support conferences, meetings and community activities,
  • hold and administer the infrastructure,
  • organize the community of supporters,
  • and manage and promote the Tryton trademark.
The initial board of manager is composed by: Albert Cervera i Areny, Bertrand Chenal, Nicolas Évrard, Cédric Krier,  Sebastián Marró, Udo Spallek and Sharoon Thomas. The foundation is already accepting donations, so if you rely on the Tryton project please help the foundation to pursue its missions. The supporters candidacies are  opened since last week.The role of the supporter assembly is to represent the Tryton community inside the foundation. All those information are gathered on This page will evolve over time and will welcome the list of supporters and donators. Courtesy : Tryton