Odoo Law and Legal ERP Practices Management System

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Odoo Law and Legal ERP Practices Management System



odoo law and legal practice management software


For Law professionals, being inundated with paperwork is part of the norm. Contracts, Evidences, Matters/Trials, invoices, legal documents, the list goes on! Nowadays, technology has forever changed things. Technology has been playing a vital role in the Law & Legal Services. 

The possibilities of legal technology are constantly expanding, introducing new competition and making the professional services a more even playing field. As such, law firms are on a continuous quest for more efficient, leaner ways of providing Law & Legal services.

Legal technology has acted for law firms, where legal functionality like reviewing paperwork or Client Contracts is done in a matter of a few clicks. SerpentCS Provides Law & Legal Practice Management Tool designed to help your Law Firm stay cutting-edge without compromising your quality.

Odoo ERP’s Law And Legal practice management software, saves time, ensures accuracy, and allows Law firms to focus on providing legal services. Practice of Law management systems vary in capabilities, price and user experience. Any bar attorney or Lawyer firms can use this Tool to manage their cases with features including Client Request, Manage Matter, Evidence, and Trial, analysis, reports, invoice on client and access easily with this system provided by SerpentCS in odoo.

Benefits Of Law Management System in Law Firms

Create More Transparency

Adapting the Odoo ERP system means that the members of the Legal firm will know and track any activities easily and smoothly. The Law Firm partners are usually less aware of how much they earn per hour, what is the co-worker's status, how much their official salaries are. Once you implement Odoo ERP from SerpentCS, all information will be provided sufficiently. 

This System will create a Law And Legal Practice Management firm’s department much better and more transparent. SerpentCS Provides ERP System that helps your Law Firm to do HRMS, payroll management, expense management, employee on/off boarding, and else.

Workflow Efficiency

The bigger a firm grows, the more difficult it is for the firm to be able to ensure workflow efficiency. With Odoo ERP System, data only has to be entered once and the rest happens automatically. There's no longer a need to take paper-based information and enter it into another system. This Odoo ERP system can improve the work efficiency within the Law and Legal Firm, it happens because all the information is provided automatically with department integrations. Odoo ERP provides self-service and on-demand services, which allows Law and Legal firms to navigate millions of data in a matter of just a few clicks

Broad Integration to other Modules

Once the Odoo ERP system is integrated properly across all departments, it helps the Legal Firm operate off a common set of data  processes across Payroll systems, HRMS systems and other essential modules.

Real-Time Tracking for Greater Independence

The advantage of an Odoo ERP system is its real-time capabilities and the ability to see what is going on with your Law Firm as it happens. Lawyers Or Paralegals can work on tasks independently and remotely with Odoo ERP's cloud-based solution.

Swift Decision Making

With an ERP for your legal firm, you can manage your business at a truly macro level. A comprehensive ERP solution for Legal Firm improves the decision-making ability of an organization. It provides thorough insights and visibility into every department and working process helping the Firm to make informed, spot-on, and faster decisions.

Increase Profitability

Especially when a law firm is growing, it wants to find ways to increase profitability and market share. By streamlining your full range of accounting and financial reporting activities, you can enable tomorrow's growth. Without the right systems, it's almost impossible to improve either. Lawyers have access to macro-level information when an ERP system is in place.

This blog will provide insights on how the SerpentCS’s Odoo ERP Law & Legal management tool would provide advanced management options of the firm with salient features such as:

  • CRM (Client Relationship Management)
  • Manage Matter, Evidence & Trial
  • Lawyer/Matter Analysis
  • Invoicing Management
  • Document Management