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Odoo CRM at a Glance - Open Source CRM Software - SerpentCS

Odoo CRM Features - CRM software for modern companies
September 11, 2019 by
Odoo CRM at a Glance - Open Source CRM Software - SerpentCS

Excellent management is key for any operation or activity, be it industrial, life, office work or even for any business. When we talk about CRM (Customer Relationship Management), we engage many entities i.e. Customer, Sales Person and the purpose of inquiry. Let’s explore why you need CRM and why we suggest Odoo CRM for your organization.

Why your company/organization needs CRM? 

  • Contact Management

  • Lead Management

  • Sales Team Management

  • Interactive reports

It is easy and effective when you have to manage limited clients and that can be done by paper work or simply by using notes. One can remember or note down contact details, client requirements and status as it goes further. Well, it is complex to manage all when you have multiple sales team and loads of inquiries to manage. There can be chances that your sales team forgot to jump on next call of action, missing follow ups, no status reports etc.

Let’s see what Odoo CRM offers you with screenshots.

Leads: You can create lead from system and also get leads from newsletters, website and from other marketing efforts. 

Lead Page:

Here you can see all leads in list view and that can be also turned to kanban view. There you will also find various filters to narrow down list of leads based on specific requirements. 

New Lead:

In the above screenshot ,you can see CREATE tab which will allow you to create new lead and add all relevant data. New lead can be assigned to specific sales person to manage it further.

Lead to Opportunity: Lead can be converted to opportunity for further nurturing.


Opportunity Page:

Here you can keep track of leads stage simply by dragging to a new stage. You can rate the lead, set estimated revenue, give it a tag and even schedule activity from there. 


Once you mark lead as won, you can see create quotation button on top left.

Now you can create complete quotation with product details and can send it to client for approval. Here,I want to address one more cool feature that, your client can accept and sign the quotation by clicking on the link they receive in email. Next screenshot is of new quotation which can be passed to client in many ways, download and print it so you can handover it physically. Send electronic copy by email which will allow online interaction i.e. Sign and Accept.

Accept and Sign:


One can see many interesting functionality  in Odoo Enterprise 12 version, this really makes all easy, superfast and convenient for business owners, managers and even to sales person. 

There are many reports available which can make top management's job easys. All we need is optimization in terms of resource and timeline.

Lead Analysis Report:



Pipeline Analysis Report:

You can find almost all report filters one can think of from Odoo CRM. As Odoo is modular and can be integrated with other Odoo modules , in one click i.e. CRM can be linked to Website, Sales module, Accounting module etc.. 

Are you thinking of excellent CRM software for your business? Odoo is the best choice for your business as you can leverage the benefits of other Odoo modules as well. Odoo is a complete suite of business applications which is cost effective and booming in the market.

We at SerpentCS, enjoy implementing Odoo ERP for our customers. Get in touch with us if you need more information about Odoo.