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Odoo for Park & Outdoor Stadium Booking Management

Case study!
May 29, 2018 by
Odoo for Park & Outdoor Stadium Booking Management

Hospitality is one of the most ancient and virtuous businesses of the world. I am wirting today about the Hospitality industry and how in this modern era of information technology it has evolved. We at Serpent Consulting Services Pvt. Ltd. provide solutions for a vast majority of business verticals, You can check more of that here, but of course it also covers the Hospitality Industry. We have our own solution built on Odoo ERP Business Suite application which is being used widely for Hotel & Restaurant owners for managing their day to day operations across the globe. 

For the fellow Odoo Community members, I am sure you are well aware about the vertical-hotel modules in the OCA which provides seamless management & ease of business to the Hotel-Restaurant Owners & Managers, you can download the free source code from the Git repo here.  

We got an astounding opportunity very recently to showcase a proof of concept in collaboration with an IT consulting company in USA by using these hotel management modules to enhance it further and modify it such a way that we can build a Park management system for one of the State Governments of USA for the management of the parks and campsites associated with them, including but not limited to the immense possibility of also managing their Website, E-commerce, Point Of Sale, Reservations, Sales, CRM, Purchase Activities, Accounting, etc management on just one platform. Kind of like the famous quote from the movie, Lord of the Rings, “One System to manage them all.“ 


We changed the Hotel which is basically a Company in Odoo terminology into the Park which then can be useful to establish a multi company/multi park management scenario, to keep the inventory & accounting data separate for each park. As well used rooms as campsites which can follow the same reservation process as that of the hotel management system. We also used the Folio and POS functionalities to make way to develop a functionality for the park inhouse shops to sell and/or rent out products as well. But of course we had to make changes wherever needed to make the flow similar to what they might have needed, but this is to understand the potential and reach of Odoo and open source technologies and how it can be twisted and reconstructed to facilitate the needs of the business owners & end users.  


We have used Odoo ecommerce & it’s related payment gateways with a layer of a website CMS theme which allowed us to showcase yet another amazing Odoo feature where they could realise how easy it can be to change the layout, color combinations of their website, Make new pages & menus, Apart from it, Event & Blog management without even having the need to know any programming skills, Odoo CMS allows drag-drop functionality to make all of the changes possible directly from the Odoo GUI. Especially now with the introduction of Odoo Studio you can customize existing apps or create a new Odoo app/Module with just a few clicks directly from the interface without doing one shred of code. 

Unlike earlier days now with the introduction of Odoo, It’s been well established that we have got one stop solution for all the needs of any business application. Also it being open source and the big community support gives way to plethora of other new opportunities for the small to big scale businesses where they do not have to spend chuck load of money to have an inhouse ERP software which otherwise in our professional experience can be a very expensive & loathsome process in terms of implementing it and user acceptance. 

If you want to know and learn more about presented “Park Management” concepts, you are welcome to write us at  

You can get access to our knowledge base for Odoo and what’s happening in the Odoo world, here is the link for our website & other related blog posts. I hope you find what you are looking for. 

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