Can I Customize Odoo As Per My Business Needs?

Customizing Odoo for Your Business | Get a professional Odoo Customization service
December 24, 2019 by
Can I Customize Odoo As Per My Business Needs?

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The businesses are living and breathing into a personalization space where no two businesses and business processes are the same. Odoo ERP implementation is no different. Not convinced? Let’s clear up the air:

Many businesses employ ERP software system-wide with little-to-none customization. Post-implementation, they find the issues are emerging such as ERP features not aligning with business processes, additional requirements for more apps, user interface improvements, and the need for new functionalities.  The ground reality of the business, that’s sets in stone, makes customization unavoidable. 

In a nutshell, the Odoo ERP customization is all-important to make the most out of the ERP investment. Yet, customization with the standalone legacy ERP systems is an expensive and tedious process that deters businesses from ERP Customization. Besides, the unawareness of the points where the customization can be done in the Odoo ERP puzzles the entrepreneurs.

That’s where modern ERP comes to the rescue. The Odoo ERP facilitates the range of customization capabilities that can be accomplished in the cloud easily and meets the business expectations. Here are the couple of Odoo's customization capabilities that allow you to get the tailored open-source ERP software that best suits your business needs:

Going mobile

All the employees of an organization are not necessarily sitting and working inside the four walls. That’s where the mobile extension of the ERP solution becomes important to the ERP integration equation. 

The Odoo customization enables mobile operations with mobile optimization as a logical extension of the ERP system, which in turn, allows modern businesses to roll over the mobile processes and operations easily. 


The business processes can never be fixed. They are always upgraded to maintain pace with technology advancements and market trends. This is where the ERP system must be flexible enough to accommodate new functionalities and streamline the business process improvements. 

The Odoo ERP Customization facilitates ‘extra features addition’ to the existing system that enhances the business processes and ultimately helps the business survive and thrive in the competitive market. The features can be up-scaled to achieve the optimal usage of ERP solutions and never let the system become obsolete. 


Every business has its unique approach, workflow, processes, and operations with which they hold a different identity and position in the market. No ERP solution can be a one-size-fits-all solution for every business. Some sort of customization depending on the business needs is vital. For instance, Odoo customization enables custom advanced reports, intelligent recommendations, and auto-corrections adapting to the business needs.  

Third-party integration

The ERP solution cannot be a one-stop shop for businesses. They may require third-party solutions to meet the future needs of business operations. It makes it utterly imperative to implement the ERP software that makes the integrations hassle-free.  

Under Odoo customization, the open ERP interface easily integrates with third-party software to achieve more with less.

Interface simplification

‘Keep it simple- this is always the minimum expectation for the user interface. But, as the number of users, processes, and operations increases, the ERP’s UI becomes cluttered. The imprecise design of screens inaptly placed numerous dialogues, and others negatively impact the accuracy and productivity of the task. 

The Odoo customization allows the businesses to personalize the UI for matching the look and feel of the interface with brand identity. Plus, the clean, clear, and concise UI enhances the user experience and makes performing a task with ERP software great fun. 


Sometimes, the changes are required in the existing functionalities to make them align with business processes, in addition to ‘Addition or deletion of extra features. The Odoo makes it possible with the modification or replacement of the inappropriate source code.


The Odoo ERP solution can’t perform to its peak efficiency and bring desired results for the businesses unless it’s customized according to business-specific needs. The Odoo customization enables going client’s way with the delivery of high-end customization services. 

We at SerpentCS help the businesses to achieve the business goal with Odoo ERP customization through GAP analysis, business needs prioritization, process mapping, scrum methodology, and finally incorporating customizations alongside testing. Get connected with our business consultants to avail of the 360-degree Odoo customization solutions.