odoo customization services

What is Odoo Customisation?

Odoo Customization provides a highly custom ERP solution specifically developed as per the client’s business requirements.

Customization services gives leverage to the companies to build a system which will be compatible with all the pre-existing hardware and provide tailormade ERP system that will provide all the necessary functionalities to work with. 

Odoo Customized solution empowers the company to make its workforce work stress free as the system is structured as per their convenience.

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Key benefits of Odoo ERP Customization Services:

customized localization solutions
Customized Localization

Odoo Customization services delivers country specific requirements. Be it supporting multiple languages, currencies, accounting practices or region-specific contract and field service management, Odoo ERP services are capable of delivering it all.

UI customization
User Interface (UI) Customization

With Odoo Customization we can customize user interface to match your company’s branding & user experience preferences. Custom ERP solution lets you modify existing views, customize existing menus and dashboard making them more interactive and insightful for better decision making.

custom modules and reports
Modules & Reports

Odoo is compatible in providing custom modules and applications that add new functionalities or modify the existing ones. Reporting engine allows you create customized reports such as sales reports, financial reports, Inventory reports and many more. Customize the report layout, add or remove data fields, and apply filters as per the client’s requirements.

Workflows & Business Processes

Odoo Customization services provides customized workflows and business processes to automate your operations. Along with it, you can configure approval processes, set up email notifications, define automated actions and many more.

What SerpentCS Offers?

Being a trusted Odoo Customization Company we expertise in delivering customized ERP solutions across the globe. Some of its offerings are 

 Superior quality services at affordable pricing

The continuous support system from the planning phase until the final customized module and systems are delivered.

Deliveres ERP solutions to a diverse range of Industries.

Why to choose us for custom ERP development?

  • SerpentCS is a highly Trusted Odoo ERP Implementation Company, provides a seamless experience of working with businesses of all types.

  • SerpentCS has a qualified and reliable team of developers with valuable experience.

  • We leverage advanced and proven techniques that assure a superior outcome and give high priority to the safety and security of your data.

  • We ensure 100 % satisfaction guaranteed with 24/7 support available.

Seize the opportunity to leverage the enhanced features of the latest Odoo versions.

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Yes, of course as Odoo has the great ability to customize almost anything including modules, website, etc. But only we need help of the developer as all things can be done through code.

Odoo standard modules are pre-built, provided by Odoo SA, offering basic functionalities. Custom modules are tailor-made, developed to suit specific business needs, extending or modifying Odoo's standard features.

To customize views in Odoo:

  • Go to Developer Mode.
  • Access the desired view.
  • Click 'Edit' or 'Customiz'.
  • Modify fields, filters, or layout.
  • Save changes.

A custom module in Odoo is a software extension developed to tailor the ERP system to specific business needs, enabling additional functionalities or modifications beyond the standard features.