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Explore the New Innovations of OdooV10 as Compared to V9 And V8

January 1, 2017 by
Explore the New Innovations of OdooV10 as Compared to V9 And V8

What's new in Odoo 10? - A Deep Insight

Odoo – An entire suite of Enterprise Business Management Applications offers solutions for almost all the business enterprise needs. The popularity of the Opensource Odoo ERP platform was buzzing since its release and it observed a number of technical advancements in the recent years. Keeping user convenience in mind, the recent developments in Odoo have made it the most reliable and highly sustainable ERP platform in the market, especially for the customized business applications.

   OdooV10 as Compared to V9 And V8                                                                                          

So, let us have a quick walkthrough on the recently released Odoo v10 – the Best one till now:

Odoo Website Builder – The Most Buzzing Feature -:

User can experience a complete revamped web page editor that offers better performance and optimized usability. With an entire set of new features, one can relish new options like-

  • New media manager for faster media uploads
  • Real-time sales follow-ups with new customer portal
  • Development of new building blocks in the official themes
  • New and improved Blog customization tools.

Odoo E-Commerce – The Most Improved Feature -:

Following are some of the most improved features of Odoo E-Commerce-:

  • Flawless integration of Google Analytics with dashboard and backend that can allow you smart tracking of sales flow with visitor traffic.
  • Two new payment providers which is relaxing news for developers.
  • Development of new tools for a better online promotion of products. This includes the possibility to add multiple images for single product and zoom it, adding attributes for specific products, options to display product price with or without calculated sales tax.
  • Real-time delivery alerts for visitors in case if a product is out-of-stock.

Odoo Studio – A Brand New App -:

This is one of the newest application that allows to create or customize other Odoo apps by appending just single line of code. With this, a non-technical user can also create a new Odoo app. Besides this, a user can customize reports and actions, design custom views, create new menus and many more. Briefly stating, there are endless virtual customization opportunities.

Odoo Expenses – A Chip of HRMS -:

This app is a part of Human Resource Management where a user can easily send the expense notes to their manager. With just a single click, the record of reimbursement has become simple and even sending expense records with email has become simple.

Odoo Helpdesk – Another New App for Customers -:

Another brand new release in Odoo version 10 helps in managing customer service or support task in a much better way. Creating and assigning tickets for each of the tasks can be done easily through email, website forms, live chat sessions or even through third-party apps. In addition to this, a public FAQ or Forum can be added to a web page along with dashboard helping you to get a complete overview of the actions, activities and performance KPIs.

Odoo MRP – A Hub of Awesome Expanded Features-:

You can have idea of Odoo MRP just by knowing the fact that it can allow an average manufacturer to simultaneously use around 10 or more different applications for running their business. Even if these apps have high level of complexity involved in terms of workflows and integration, Odoo MRP would run seamlessly. It integrates BoMs, OEE, MPS, Work Center Tablets, Schedulers, PLM, Quality Management, Maintenance and many other features.

Thus, these were everything about the Odoo 10 – What's new and what has improved with the opensource Odoo 10 platform. Now, let us have a quick look over the main features of Odoo V9 and Odoo V8.

                                                                                          OdooV10 as Compared to V9 And V8

Odoo Version 9 -:

Main Focus: New redesigned accounting features, Odoo Community got split from Odoo Enterprise -:

The major upgrade in Odoo v9 was improvements in Accounting & Finance module. I can say this was the most important feature in Odoo 9, made the improvements in global accounting standards to make accounting easier. With the new redesigned accounting features, one can send invoices by post mail in with just 1 click and interface online with 24,000 banks. Further, it supports all bank formats and multi company features, simplified reconciliation and 'perpetual closing' to get a real time of the financial performance of the company.

Other important features -:

  •  Complete new user interface with attractive responsive layout
  •  Offers subscription app to control recurring revenues
  •  Easy financial accounting and advanced inventory management
  •  eCommerce integration with the third parties
  •  Discussion panel through public or private channels

Odoo Version 8 -:

Main focus: Redesigned Inventory and WMS, Support for CMS that includes- eCommerce, website builder, point of sale and business intelligence

Other important features -:

  • Easily configurable faster and easy to use interface with wide range of productivity  improvements
  • Integration of new apps including marketing apps, full hardware support, new WMS and CMS
  • Improvements in existing apps and new website builder and CMS along with other technical improvements
  • Faster user interface with improved search view and backend database. Integrated  advanced form views and graph views
  • Google Doc integration

Generally, Odoo has been considered like a revolution in the ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) as it offers highly customizable business applications. It covers a smajority of the business areas like Manufacturing, Sales, Project Management, Warehouse Management, CRM, Financial Management and Human Resources- just to name a few. Thus, Odoo 10 that has just released with new features and many of the improved features, helps the eCommerce store owners with best options to develop their business applications.