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Odoo 12: New Features and Functionality

October 9, 2018 by
Odoo 12: New Features and Functionality


Odoo 12 release date is inching closer and all eyes are glued. The ERP Company has always strives to deliver users a better experience and higher returns. So, even this time, for its version 12 update, a lot is expected. And if the previous years are to go by, there is plenty to look forward to. Here are 12 new features we can’t wait for in Odoo 12 update.

1 Easy moderation for public and private discuss channels to enable much fluent, clear and secure discussions between teams, departments, and coordinators. A breather for all the administrators.





2. Smooth drag and drop feature in the chatter under the records. Simply drag and drop the attachments to the chatterbox. No more popping extra windows and uploading files tediously.


3. Easy uploading of product image through links. No more downloading the picture and uploading it on Odoo manually. It promises to save an awful lot of time for large online stores and e-commerce.


4. New payment acquirers will be introduced: Altpay and Alipay. This would provide business owners with higher flexibility in the payments end.