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Odoo 15 Enterprise Expected Features - SerpentCS Odoo Gold Partner

Odoo 15 New Features
September 27, 2021 by
Odoo 15 Enterprise Expected Features - SerpentCS Odoo Gold Partner

CRM > Configurations > CRM > Rule-based Assignments

Odoo 15 offers Rule-based assignment features that can be used to automatically assign leads to Salespersons based on rules.

It helps to assign leads periodically based on rules. You can manage assignment rules in a two-way. Manual assignments allow triggering assignments from the team using an action button whereas automatic configure a cron running repeatedly assigns all the team.

As you can see in the below images:

Odoo15 CRM


Odoo15 CRM


CRM > Sales Tab > My Activities > Opportunity View 

In Odoo 15, you can view similar leads with a smart button on the opportunity page view that helps to identify the total number of similar leads.

Odoo15 CRM

CRM > My Activities > Opportunity View (My Activities)

You can enlarge and reduce the size of internal notes. Using the scroll button you can view full notes.

Odoo15 CRM

Point of Sale > Configuration > Settings > Accounting > Default intermediary Account

Once you select an account, this will be used as a Default intermediary account when nothing is set in the payment method.