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Odoo 15 Expected Features

What are the expected features of Odoo 15?
July 1, 2021 by
Odoo 15 Expected Features

Greetings from Serpent Consulting Services!

Well, it's time again and we are back with what new can be expected in Odoo 15.

Odoo releases a new version every year, and we should also expect the same in October this year. Odoo is growing much faster in small and medium-sized businesses.

Let us explore what we can expect from Odoo 15 this year!

Odoo15 can have the functionality to set graphs and pivot views according to the choice of the user.


Odoo 15 will also come with a totally new and improved import screen, which will help users save time and import the files efficiently. 

Odoo 15 will provide us a new updated HTML Editor, which will have font colors, headers, and also provision to add hyperlinks as well.

Odoo 15 will have all new coupons and promotions in POS(Point of Sale Module). Users just need to give the coupon code and the system will check the validity and apply the discount on the bill amount. Isn’t it exciting!

Odoo 15 will also have a new Inventory adjustment view which will be flexible and user-friendly.


The asset tab is directly visible to the user in the data structures menu in the technical section of settings which will be visible only after turning on the “Developer mode”. Where developers will be able to access all the assets.

Odoo 15 will come with a new feature that will allow you a rule-based lead assignment. Multi teams feature where a single user can be part of multiple sales teams. These all can be configured in the settings of CRM.

Odoo has introduced a new “mail list” module that will allow you to manage the mail list and also gives access to your customers to unsubscribe in the portal.

Odoo has merged a new web client based on OWL in version 15.

Lastly, odoo has finally migrated universal analytics to Google Analytics 4.


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