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What's new in Odoo v14 Community Edition(Part 2)

Odoo 14 Features in Community Edition
October 8, 2020 by
What's new in Odoo v14 Community Edition(Part 2)

Here is the second part of the blog allowing you to see what Odoo v14 Community Edition has for end users. A popular opensource community edition by Odoo has an intuitive user experience with a lot of enhancements.

Let’s Explore!!!

Apps View: Apps list now available with category to filter the apps and find it in the list




Reporting: A nice feature of ascending and descending filters has been added in v14 to compile the data.



Human Resources Management:

Employee Information: Experience and Skills with categorization will help everyone to analyze information easily.




Employee Contract: You can see a compact view of the contract to offer all information within one screen




Timesheet: Enhance timesheet list view with non-billable type for a quick filter and analysis



Expense Management: A compact view to get all the information in one screen to ease expenses with approval / pending status and currency information.


Survey: Now create a Live survey to run online and collect information from an external source



Repairs: I love this small addition of source and destination location for all the items in repair. It will ease the job of repair technicians and inventory users



eLearning: Nice color coding can be added to the course group as well you can see no. of visitors





Odoo regularly uses Events for hosting webinars and talks. I believe this section has been improved and enhanced to achieve excellence in their day to day events management as well the end users like us will get a lot of benefits with this feature.

Now you can add a Live Broadcast link using Youtube. You can add gamification with a quiz and create chat rooms too.



Add colorful tags to Event Tracks




Lead Generation from Events:

A cool feature will be loved by all marketers to convert participants into leads from Events.



Track Visitors



All new configurations for marketers



Give a fresh look to sponsors and a lot of new features to make your event a success





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